3S Safe Swings Signs

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Hisbalit presents 3S – SAFE SWIM SIGNS, a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind product in the mosaic market that allows the signage of any swimming pool to enhance safety and ensure a safe swim.

High – resistance digital printing on class 3 non-slip and photoluminescent covering that glows in the dark.

19 standard models that can be used in combination to create any sign.



3S Depth indicators

Units of measurement models

Signal models


3S – SAFE SWIM SIGNS are totally unalterable, non-slip and photoluminescent, and can be installed on floors and walls to indicate the depth of the pool or areas where swimmers should take special care.

The signs are created by printing the images onto the mosaic with ceramic inks, and are completely vitrified during the manufacturing process. Because they are vitrified, they are unalterable and are therefore perfectly suited for outdoor and underwater use with every guarantee. The sun and water treatments products do no affect the print, which remains intact over time.

The signs are made with photoluminescent mosaic which glows green when there is no light, thus ensuring safety both by day and by night. Because they have a class 3 non-slip finish, they can be used as a coating for the edge of the pool, thus preventing bathers from slipping when they step on them with wet bare feet.

Available formats

2.5 x 2.5cm.

Available finishes

Anti-slip Clase 3

Technical specifications

Thickness 4mm.
2mm. joint.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Recycled glass
Meshed piece