Frequently Asked Questions

HISBALIT is the vitreous mosaic with the most perfect shape in the market. Our tesserae are flat and perfectly square on their corners. Besides, HISBALIT joints are the most reduced, leaving the most prominent role to the mosaics rather than joints. Because we use first-quality glass, HISBALIT vitreous mosaic does not have any stains, pores or defects on its surface.

Yes, HISBALIT is totally unalterable in sun, rain or extreme heat or cold. It also withstands sudden temperature changes (thermal shock).

No, HISBALIT is totally inalterable, even in the most adverse climatic conditions. It does not change its shape, texture or colour.

No, because it is a glass product, HISBALIT´s absorption is null. The use of a specific adhesive mortar for zero absorption products is recommended. We advise the use of adhesive mortars that comply with de EN 12004 and EN 12002 C2TESI standards.

We advise a cement-based capping grout for thin joints, with no aggregates, deformable, water-repellent and stain resistant that comply with the UNE-EN 13888 CG2 W standard. All adhesive manufacturers have also a chart of coloured capping grouts.

The use of HISBALIT is advisable as tiling any type of surface. Swimming pools, facades and, of course, any type of indoor surface. Due to the characteristics of the glass it contains, it is a zero absorption product totally inalterable with time.

No. Waterproofing must be a previuos step to HISBALIT installation. However, the combined use of a waterproofing base, a waterproof adhesive mortar and a water repellent capping grout will provide us a totally isolating barrier.

Yes, HISBALIT is suitable for paving. For safety reasons, we recomment our non-slip finish.

No, HISBALIT inalterably withstands pedestrian traffic, even in areas of heavy public traffic. Our mosaic withstands surface abrasion and deep abrasion.

Yes, HISBALIT withstands any type of chemical product, even the most aggressive.

The best surface is a fine coat of water-repellent mortar. Both walls and floors should be perfectly levelled and smoothed. Shortcrete, sprayed plaster and pladur-type laminated plasted boards are also perfectly suitable for installing HISBALIT.

The adhesion method is the technique we use to create sets of several joined tesserae – tiles –to make installation easier (196 tesserae in the 2.5 format and 64 tesserae in the 4×4 format, etc) Any of our installation systems (kraft paper, fiberglass mesh, transparent film or HT-K) are equally suitable to install HISBALIT. It will be up to the installer to decide according to his/her preference which is the best system.