Hispano Italiana de Revestimientos S.A.

50 years innovating for you...

Hisbalit is a leading manufacturer of mosaic tiles, with 50 years of experience using environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Founded in 1964, Hisbalit was the first mosaic factory created in Europe. Now has a presence in over 70 countries where Hisbalit sets trends in mosaic design and innovation in the sector, providing solutions for a wide range of needs.

All of our products are manufactured using recycled glass and natural pigments, resulting in mosaic tiles which are 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Our production facilities, based entirely in Spain, are environmentally responsible and clean, using no water and employing the latest energy efficient electric kilns which produce no waste or pollutants.

Hisbalit Mosaico has implemented environmental and quality management systems in all areas of the company, certified according to the ISO 9001 and 9014 Standards, as part of our commitment to professionalism and environmental responsibility.

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