Home Trends “We will look for open spaces and natural materials” BLANCA HEVIA

“We will look for open spaces and natural materials” BLANCA HEVIA

by Elena Abascal
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After the Covid-19 crisis there will be big changes. Now we will look for a different type of home. We’ve realised we have certain needs and new homes will reflect that.

Entrances will have a shoe cupboard to take off our shoes when we get home, a place to leave keys, the mobile phone and be able to disinfect easily. Also, water to wash our hands when we get home. A small sink can be an original piece that is also integrated into the décor of the home.

Spaces will be more multifunctional. Teleworking from home has been a very important factor in optimising our time, avoiding the commute into big cities.

Co-living Tetuán | Project: CH+QS arquitectos | Unicolor 260 

The kitchen will be another place of renewed focus. This is where we have spent a lot of time with our families. We’ve come up with new recipes and created a perfect environment for sharing. And so now it will be essential for kitchens to be spacious, a meeting point. There will also be a storage area to keep our stores since there could be renewed spikes in the virus.

Private house Nobohome | Hexágonos | Art Factory Hisbalit

It’s possible that from now on people thinking of moving will consider going outside the cities, looking for more open space. If that’s not possible, it is important to have a small balcony, a patio or garden.

Another change when renovating our future homes will be to look for much more ecological materials.

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