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We begin 2018 in mode Ultra Violet

by Hisbalit
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Ultra Violet 18-3838 “originality, ingenuity and creativity”.

A year of changes by Pantone

Pantone has made the announcement! We can expect a year full of changes where creativity and ingenuity take centre stage. So explained the Global Colour Authority when it announced that Ultra Violet 18-3838 will be the colour of the year 2018.

Since the year 2000, the Pantone Institute has selected a star colour for each year based on an evaluation by company directors and more than 40 experts from around the world. The choice takes into account the current cultural mood, social and economic conditions and the latest trends in design, culture and leisure, including popular films and music of the moment.

These experts initially decide on the possible range of colours and then select the perfect tone to signify the coming year.

Why Ultra Violet?

Tendencias Ultra Violet

Ultraviolet symbolises change, experimentation, intrigue and non-conformity. “This is the most complex of colours”, says the executive director of Pantone, a combination of red and blue, polar opposites that come together to create something new. It is therefore a colour of hope and vision pointing towards the future.

This is a colour that radiates optimism in the face of the anxieties felt in society during a complex time. It is a tone that calls us to action, originality, invention and bold thinking.

Ultra Violet 18-3838 is a vibrant colour, boldly provocative, fascinating and magical, perfect for the most ingenious designs where experimentation takes centre stage. Without a doubt, Ultra Violet will become an essential element in the projects of the most creative interior designers.

The colours of Pantone since the year 2000

Ultra violet is a break from the softer refreshing colours of recent years. In 2017, Greenery, or Green, I love you green, evoked the natural world in a light-hearted way. The year 2016 was marked by two colours, quartz and serenity blue, soothing colours inviting calm and relaxation.

Colores Pantone

Hisbalit Ultra Violet

Hisbalit offers a wide range of “violet” tones for you to incorporate the colour of the year in your décor projects for the year 2018.

You can find these five colours of mosaic tiles in different finishes and formats. Imagine, combine and create a space where originality is the star!

ultra violet

4 pallets of colours to combine with Pantone 18-3838

Ultra Violet is a very expressive colour! It becomes the focus of all attention. In interior design, it has the power to transform completely a space, filling it with expressiveness and verve. This is the ideal colour for interiors in hotels and restaurants; tourists will be captivated by the colour of the year!

The key is to know the best colour pallet to combine with ultra violet. What is important is not the quantity! It’s knowing where to use it depending on the desired effect.

Purple Haze


One possibility to achieve a calming effect using Ultra Violet is to choose the “Purple Haze” pallet. Subtle and harmonious combinations that are a soothing invitation to relax. Possibilities with Hisbalit mosaic tiles?

Floral Fantasies

Fantasías Florales

The “Floral Fantasies” pallet is a combination of pastel colours, greens and ultra-violets. A cheerful combination evoking the joys of nature. Would you dare to recreate it in mosaic tiles?


Actitud Ultra Violet

The most explosive combinations for lovers of colour. This pallet is perfect to radiate energy and emotion in tired spaces. Discover our proposals with Hisbalit mosaic tiles! Pure colour, positive attitude!


Intriga Ultra Violet

This pallet of blues and purples, with light and dark tones, is an invitation to mystery and intrigue. Perfect for a combination with proposals from Hisbalit’s Art Factory!

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