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Designs evoking natural fibres, harmonious pastel colour combinations and tesserae inspired in metals

Seda | RAW Hisbalit

Environmental awareness, sustainability and the use of recycled materials will continue to set the trends for the future. For 2022, surfacing materials will be eco-friendly, conjuring more natural and traditional spaces.

Regarding mosaic tiles, Hisbalit took the opportunity of the 38th edition of Cersaie to present the coming trends for 2022 with novel designs evoking natural fibres, harmonious pastel colour combinations and models inspired in the strength of metals. All in eco-friendly mosaic tile.

1. Undulated mosaic tiles evoking the look and feel of natural fibres

Yute | RAW Hisbalit

Hisbalit recovers one of its most emblematic formats, a 4×4 undulated tile with its RAW collection. A collection that is a tribute to sustainability, tradition and the essential. The most natural collection from Hisbalit includes eight models of mosaic tile that evoke natural fibres and earthy elements: Linen, Gypsum, Jute, Silk, Earth, Coal and Aluminium.

2. Pastel colours with a slow touch

Menthe | GLACÉE Hisbalit

Pastel colours on walls and floors! In 2022, Hisbalit will present GLACÉE, a fresh and joyful collection that evokes those long summer afternoons, the changing light of lingering evenings and an ice cream treat we wish would last forever. Soft colours, a sweet and gentle range, dappled with refreshing touches of light and movement.

Six attractive mixes of mosaic tile in pastel colours and a slow touch: Fraise, Coco, Vainille; Menthe, Violette and Sesame.

3. Mosaics inspired in the strength of metals

Aurum | Elements Hisbalit

Another novelty from Hisbalit for the coming year is the ELEMENTS collection, a collection that invites you to discover the strength of metals: Aurum, Copper, Platinum and Mercury. Six proposals in eco-friendly mosaic tile with character and personality, with irregular reflections and contrasts that change depending on the light.

4. Geometric designs in black and white

Arpegio | Black & White Hisbalit

Hisbalit’s Black & White collection, inspired in music has made a big impact in the most important events of the sector, such as Casa Decor, and has become a beloved part of the décor of restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and private homes. These 22 harmonious and balanced designs, created in eco-friendly black and white mosaic tile, are increasingly popular and becoming a classic mosaic tile design for 2022, with a captivating interplay of orientation and movement and timeless style and elegance

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