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Living room with Tulipe and Diamant mosaic tiles | Petite

Trend-setting designer mosaic tiles with a “less is more” style. Those small details that make all the difference to any space, but not so bold to lose its appeal over time… Something like PETITE. This is our most versatile collection. Small motifs that can be endlessly combined and personalised to your taste.

Etoile mosaic tile| Petite

The series, with a French name, includes 10 minimalist, handcrafted motifs: Fléche, Diamant, Bonbon, Ligne, Point, Bijou, Soleil, Tulipe, Étoile, Triangle. Designer minimalism and artisanship that can be customised without limits.

Smooth, pure forms in a hexagonal or round formal that transmit a feeling of peace and connectedness to nature. Small, special motifs, subtle and elegant, that give just the right touch of design and distinction.

Kitchen splashback with Fleche mosaic tile | Petite

“Petite is a collection with heart, inspired in the latest trends in decorative luxury and warm minimalism, using just a few pieces with soul and style: eco-friendly, handcrafted materials, authentic and imperfect. Little details that are symbols of quality and design”.

As with all Hisbalit collections, Petite mosaic tiles are manufactured at the company headquarters in Cantabria using 100% recycled glass and all-natural pigments. Hisbalit’s handcrafted mosaic tiles are created with painstaking attention to detail using an environmentally responsible manufacturing process, for great added value.

Petite Models

The standard designs of the new series are available in black and white, in both hexagonal and round format. The black motifs on a white background offer a chic and warm minimalism but the colours of both the motif and the background can be personalised using any of our references.

Designs with personalised colours

Petite is a ‘prét a porter’ collection, simple and highly versatile that can be customised without limits. Change the colour of the motif or the background, choose the format (round or hexagonal), combine various models and decide the distance between motifs to create a unique, ‘a la carte’ design. Unlimited creativity!

Separated with smooth sheets

The new collection also allows the motifs to be separated by smooth sheets. A perfect option for a clean and simple design.
Floor surfaced with Hisbalit Soleil + Point mosaic tile separated by smooth sheets.

Soleil + Point separated with smooth sheets

The new models are available in a satin finish and can be installed on any surface both indoors and outdoors, including high traffic areas and wet zones. This is a non-porous material with 0% absorption, highly resistant to chemical agents and brusque temperature changes with a lifespan of 30 to 40 years. Hisbalit tesserae are entirely handcrafted and hand individually by hand, giving them the heart and feel of craftsmanship and quality.

Petite at Casa Decor 2023

The new collection was presented at Casa Décor 2023, the renowned event showcasing the latest trends in interior design and avant garde creativity. The Bathco space, “Upper West Salamanca”, by Egue y Seta offered striking designer surfaces created with two references from the Petite series: Point and Diamant, in hexagonal format. Using a light beige background (Unicolor 333), the designers combined the two references customised colours: red for the Diamant motif (Unicolor 172) and black for the Point motif (Unicolor 101), the same colours used to create a custom border for the space. SEE MORE!


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