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LES CLASSIQUES, a timeless collection of our most emblematic designs

by Elena Abascal
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Timeless classics that endure over time. We’re finishing the year with a relaunch of our bestselling mosaic tiles. A special series of Hisbalit’s most emblematic designs: Flores, Hexagonos, Radial, Dots, Damero, Zigzag, Trébol, Kilim, Chevron and Nórdico. 10 artisanal designs with a satin finish offering warm, timeless elegance.

LIVING ROOM with a designer floor | CHEVRON model | Les Classiques Hisbalit

Les Classiques” is a trendsetting retro collection of classic patterns. Models with an interplay of geometry and colour, perfect to create unique spaces with an air of quality, luxury and sophistication.

10 TIMELESS designs

Classic, harmonious patterns imbued symmetry and sophistication, which can be personalised to meet the needs of any project.

Bathroom with DOTS floor | Project by José Lara Interiorismo | Photo: Lupe Clemente

Unique pieces with personality!

Hisbalit’s “Les Classiques” collection offers a world of decorative possibilities. Each design can be personalised to create a unique and exclusive ambiance.

Select any of these models as a starting point and add your own unique touch with personalised colours!

Change the original design with other Hisbalit references to create uniquely personal, ‘ a la carte’ surfaces.

Change of colour!

Make striking changes to the look of each model by changing the colours of the motifs. Imagine, mix and create!

Art is in your hands!

The mosaics of the Les Classiques collection invite you to feel the warmth of artisanship. The Hisbalit team hand installs the tesserae one by one in our factory, delivered in 33x33cm sheets.

Want to see how the FLORES model is created in the factory?

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