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How will the mosaic tiles affect the colour of the pool water?

by Elena Abascal

One of the most common doubts when designing a pool is to imagine the colour of the water after deciding on the pool tiling… Transparent, sky blue, green, turquoise? What colour of mosaic tiles should I choose to achieve each effect?

Water is a clear colourless liquid, but why is pool tiling usually blue? Does it depend solely on the pool tiling or should we consider other factors? Many people believe that the reflection of the sky has a direct relation but, in fact, the explanation is the “Rayleigh Scattering” effect. Have you heard of this effect? We’ll give you a simple explanation! Water more easily absorbs longer wavelengths (red, yellow and orange colours) than shorter wavelengths (blue tones). Therefore, the wavelengths that are not absorbed are reflected and are captured by our eyes. That’s why the water always appears blue.

Depth, light, environment

Dark pool

This effect increases with the amount of water. The colour of deeper pools is a darker shade of blue. On the contrary, when the water is no deeper than 50 cm, the effect is diminished, and the water appears transparent.

In addition to the depth, the light and surroundings also directly affect the colour of the water. If the pool receives a lot of sunlight, the colour will be lighter, Pools in the shade will appear darker. Consider also the amount of light indoor and outdoor pools receive, and their surroundings as this will directly affect the colour of the water. For example, for pools surrounded by vegetation the water will take on a green tone.

Thus, the Rayleigh Scattering effect, depth, light and surroundings are the key factors determining the water colour but what about the tiling? The choice of colour of mosaic tiles is very important in order to alter the different shades of blue of the water, which can produce surprising effects: Ready to discover them?

White mosaic tile…sky blue pool water!

Pool. White mosaic

White mosaic tile in the pool gives a sensation of purity, relaxation and harmony. The perfect choice for pools looking for a relaxing effect with sky blue pool water. This is a very inviting colour and for this reason is one of the most commonly used colours in hotels and spas. The only problem? Maintenance. The pool must always be spotlessly clean!

What Hisbalit references can I use to achieve this effect?  Unicolor Pas o  Aqualuxe Ibiza .

Niebla: 367.
Urban Chic: 504
718719 y 738.
Stone: 568
Doppel: 568.
Textures: Ice, Star, Me, Sol

Turquoise water with beige mosaic tiles

Turquoise water with beige mosaic tiles

The secret to designing a pool as part of a tropical paradise? Choose beige mosaic tiling. This will give the water a turquoise colour. Inviting! For a darker shade of green choose sand or darker beige coloured tiles.

References Kara, Cares , Mallorca and Rodas by Hisbalit are most used to achieve this effect.

Other references:

Unicolor: 173329330331332333336.
Niebla: 173368370 y 372.
Urban Chic: 512 y 702.
Luxe: 513.
Stone:  567 y 572.
Terra: Caliza.

Blue mosaic tiles for refreshing pools

Blue mosaic tiles for refreshing pools

Blue is the most traditionally used mosaic tile for pools, giving the water a refreshing and inviting colour. The final effect depends on the type of blue chosen: from lighter blues, such as Hisbalit references AralCórcega or Sicilia, to more intense shades like Jónico, Malta or Asón tiles.

Other references to achieve this effect are: Yera, Ebro, Saja, Miera, Deva and Nansa from the Unicolor Pool Collection or Mar, Caribe, Egeo and Tracia from the Niebla Pool collection. You can also choose the Barcelona and Libra models from the Deco collection or Capri from Aqualuxe collection.

Others references:

Unicolor: 240311314315316318319320 y 335.
Niebla: 140362363364 y 365.
Urban Chic
505 y 714.
Chroma: Azul.
Luxe: 507.
Doppel: 573.

Colour of the sea with grey mosaic tiles

Colour of the sea with grey mosaic tiles

The most striking effect! You probably think it is impossible to have a pool the colour of the sea. We have the solution! Try Hisbalit’s grey mosaic tiles. This has become one of the most fashionable choices, both in glossy finish (Urban chic) and in matte (Stone). The combination of grey and water give a beautifully harmonious shade of blue, perfectly integrated into the environment!

Hisbalit has many grey coloured mosaic tiles to choose from that are perfect to achieve this effect:

Unicolor (106108260305306317325 y 334), Aqualuxe (Zante and Elba) Niebla 366Urban Chic (705, 706707, , 717 and 720), Luxe 503Terra Cuarzo y Stone (560564 and 570),  Doppel( 564, 570 y 569) y Textures  (Suite, Neo, Love, You, Ambient).

Mirror effect with black mosaic tiles

Mirror effect with black mosaic tiles

If you are thinking about a unique and sophisticated pool design in an attractive setting, think about using black or dark grey mosaic tiles, such as Hisbalit’s references: Milo (Aqualuxe) ,  Unicolor 101,  Niebla 101 , Doppel 564, Textures Luna, o Urban Chic (720,722, 500 y 723)! Give your pool a chic, modern appearance with a striking mirror effect on the water. Black mosaic tiles reflect the pool surroundings, giving a unique and dazzling appearance.

Natural pool sensation with green mosaic tiles

Natural pool sensation with green mosaic tiles

Using green tones in pool tiling, such as Hisbalit’s references:

Cubas, AdriáticoMármaraTirrenoMikonos o Ítaca give the incredible effect of a natural pool!

A relaxing tone of blue water, which takes on more of a green colour if the pool is surrounded by vegetation.

Other green mosaic tiles by Hisbalit to achieve this effect are:

Unicolor: 127, 220,221, 222, y 313
Niebla: 118, 130, 360 y 369
Luxe: 527 y 528

Transparent water with red mosaic tiles

Transparent water with red mosaic tiles

Looking for clear transparent water in an exciting designer pool? Use red mosaic tiles! Hisbalit mosaic tile references Unicolor 172 and 176, Niebla 174, Chroma Rojo or Luxe 511 are the perfect options to make a striking impact are create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Surprised by the effects of mosaic tiles? Remember that the appearance of the water will change depending on the weather conditions, the time of day, the amount of sunlight, the season of the year or the depth of the pool.

Want to know more about the possibilities of pool tiling? We invite you to follow the latest trends in pool design at this post!

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Ricardo Marques June 21, 2019 - 7:55 pm


There is nowhere on your website an image of a pool lined with the Tirreno (Niebla) color mosaic.

Could you please send me an image of a pool lined with the Tirreno (Niebla) color, so I can make the best possible choice.

Thank you in advance.


Elena Abascal June 24, 2019 - 9:26 am

Hi Ricardo!

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

We ‘ve sent you an email with images of a pool lined with the Tirreno (Niebla).

Best whises!

Doreen Depasquale May 9, 2020 - 8:33 am

Hello, I am at a loss what mosaic tile to use. I am from Malta and the pool is in a very sunny part of the garden. It has a tanning ledge. Was thinking of Aral, Egeo or Caribe. I would like the colour to be as natural as possible. Was ruling out Pas because of the tanning ledge. Can you please show me some pools in thses colours. Thanks. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you once again.


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