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Elements, a “jewelled surface” inspired in the power of metals

by Elena Abascal
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Kitchen splashback surfaced in Aurum mosaic tile

We invite you to discover the power of metals in our new Elements collection. “Jewelled surfaces” manufactured with painstaking care to add elegance, luxury and distinction to any space with a modern designer feel.

The new collection of mosaic tile includes 4 new references: Aurum, Copper, Platinum and Mercury; atomically pure elements, substances that are uniquely unchangeable and eternal.

These mosaic tiles have character and personality, with unique reflections and contrasts that change with the light. “An interplay of light and shadows, designed to create an intimate and sophisticated ambience”.

The new models of the Elements collection, as with all other Hisbalit products, are manufactured in Cantabria (Hisbalit headquarters), using 100% recycled glass and all-natural pigments. Our environmentally sustainable and hand-crafted production process offers great added-value to Hisbalit mosaic tiles.

The new series is available in square format (2.3×2.3cm) in a gloss finish. With a thickness of only 4 mm, these tesserae are perfectly adaptable to any flat or curved surface, ensuring excellent and durable results.

The Argana restaurant designed by José Lara Interiorismo with a column surfaced in Aurum mosaic tile | Photo: Paloma Pacheco Turnes

Discover the first projects with the Elements collection HERE!

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