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Eco-friendly mosaic tiles will set the trend in 2020

by Elena Abascal
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Eco-friendly mosaic tiles will set the trend for surfaces in 2020. Would you dare cover walls and floors with customised designs in sustainable mosaic tiles that include the 19-4052 Classic Blue?

Chosen by the Global Colour Authority, Pantone, as the colour of the year, Classic Blue represents calm, confidence and connection. “A timeless and lasting colour like our mosaic tiles that help to focus the mind and inspire creativity”.

At Hisbalit we have two references in Classic Blue (Unicolor 320 and Chroma blue) which are included in customised mosaic tile designs such as the floor produced by the Lázaro Rosa Violán studio for the Etxeko restaurant in Madrid, or the floor created by Proyecto Singular  for the Oven Fuencarral restaurant.

Customised floor created by Proyecto Singular  for the Oven Fuencarral restaurant

100% handcrafted designs Made in Spain!

To create these customised designs, Hisbalit offers its Art Factory personalisation service for 100% handcrafted designs. Based on an original idea, the Hisbalit design department works to bring it to life. In our traditional factory, created 55 years ago, a team entirely composed of women manually install each tile as if a large puzzle. Piece by piece, sheet by sheet, the mosaic takes shape. This type of work requires a great deal of technical and manual skill which makes all the difference when bringing a la carte projects to life.  

Hexagonal model Art Factory Hisbalit | Nobohome

Eco-friendly designs!

Environmental responsibility Is the hallmark of Hisbalit. Our mosaic tiles are manufactured from high-quality recycled glass, recovered from other industries. The company also uses an entirely clean and environmentally responsible production system, using no water, all-natural pigments and electric kilns that emit no harmful gases. The result is a product that is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, with a great deal of added-value.

Hisbalit has incorporated environmental and quality management systems in all areas of the company, certified under the international ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards, as a mark of professionalism and experience in the design and manufacture of ecological mosaic tiles.

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