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COLOURFUL kitchens with eco-friendly mosaic tiles!  

by Elena Abascal
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Project: Gomma | Photo: B. Ochaita


Thinking of renovating your kitchen in 2019? We propose you let yourself go with the latest trends and add an unexpected dash of colour, a combination of materials, innovative prints and textures or even redefine the latest styles and ideas in kitchen surfaces. The kitchen is where we spend most of our time and we should fill it with creativity and a personal touch.

Want to add that touch of daring and personal style using a high-quality and eco-friendly finish? Hisbalit mosaic tiles are not only decorative, they are made with 100% recycled glass, non-porous with 0% absorption and easy to clean. Most importantly they are highly durable, able to withstand quick temperature changes and wear over time, making them an ideal choice for kitchen walls and floors, the most high traffic area in your home.

3 ideas to fill your kitchen with creativity

Combine geometric motifs inspired by mid-century modern!


Cherry! Welcome to Palm Springs Take the plunge with our daring “Welcome To Palm Springs” collection! Create an inviting kitchen full of elegance and personality, inspired by mid-century modern style.

Model | Welcome to Palm Springs

This very special collection is a take-off on the mid-century modern aesthetic, adding palm trees, a taste for colour and the chic spirit of the famous pool-parties to create a world of geometric motifs, iridescent verve and retro style combined into bold designs and colour combinations.

Anza | Welcome to Palm Springs

Try our exciting gradations!

Project: Miel Arquitectos | Photo: José Hevia

Another way to add creativity and a personal touch to kitchens is to place your bets on walls or floors of mosaic tiles from our Gradations collection. You have a choice of 6 pre-defined models or create your own unique design with personalised tones, formats and finishes thanks to our Mixtures Configurator. You can create an attractive decorative style characterised by smooth elegance and harmony.

Innovate with print motifs on walls and floors!


Flores HX | Art Factory Hisbalit We invite you to “set the trend” with fresh new prints, motifs and compositions on walls and floors. Thanks to our Art Factory Collections, we offer 19 unique designs inspired by the natural world, ethnic and retro motifs, geometric patterns and colours, as well as an interplay of floral prints with simple, elegant lines combined with a range of modern, contemporary colours.

Rombos | Art Factory

These collections can be personalised by changing the colours, finishes or part of the design. If you enjoy being creative, you can also come up with your own personal design from scratch. With Art Factory it’s possible to choose from a palette of over 200 colours to create unique and original designs in any format or finish.

We invite you to let your imagination soar; we’ll take care of the rest of the creative process, giving advice and playing with the mosaic tiles to create unique effects.







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