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TACTO SERENO “A tribute to artisanship that stirs the senses”

by Elena Abascal
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Bathco Space | Patricia Bustos Studio | Nº 40 | Hotel reception | 5th floor

Hisbalit mosaic tiles are part of “Tacto Sereno”, the Bathco space designed by Patricia Bustos Studio.An original hotel reception area that stirs the senses with craft and artisanship. A hand-crafted project with soul that inspires our aesthetic senses of sight and touch and sight.An experience of beauty, care and respect.

In a world where we all wish to recover our embrace and physical contact, this sink becomes a spring that inspires us to return to the touch, our first and most human instinct that offers the greatest pleasure.

All-natural materials and hand-crafted artisanship, are the latest trends and the essence of this space, with organic forms and curved furnishings, walls and surfaces. Patricia Bustos selected rattan, marble, Bathco ceramics, brick and Hisbalit eco-friendly mosaic tiles as the protagonists of this striking hotel reception area.

Original borders with Hisbalit mosaic tile

These handcrafted pieces are the true gems of the space. The studio selected the Damero design from the Les Classiques series with personalised colours of references ‘YESO’ and ‘TIERRA’ from Hisbalit’s new RAW collection. An undulated mosaic tile with a hand-crafted aesthetic inspired in natural fibres, a fusion of craft and design with a raw, rough, pure, brute, unpolished aesthetic.

A timeless design that connects with nature with a uniquely creative border design that highlights the upper walls, imbuing the space with personality and elegance.

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