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“MIXOLOGY” Casa Decor 2020

by Elena Abascal
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Combining is the key to creativity and Nuria Alía  applied the art of mixing in Mixology, a reserved area within a glamourous cocktail bar. A little corner of paradise where you can relax and have fun. Mix and combine colours, stir in forms and shake well to create an exciting space.

Mixology is a state of mind, an experience similar to sipping a cocktail busting with complex flavours. And like any good combination, it stimulates the senses through contrasts: the sophisticated with the casual, feminine chic and playfulness, rigor and colour, line and curve.

In creating this space, the designer was inspired by the visual sensation of looking through a kaleidoscope. Nuria altered the architecture of the space, using a series of lintels to create a symmetrical and rhythmic space, highlighting its verticality to achieve spatial depth. Mirrors and the repetition of geometric patterns contribute to this effect. The result is an atmosphere which is almost hypnotic, with attractive materials and colours.

The floor and arches are surfaced in Hisbalit mosaic tiles, wallpaper, textures and glossy materials create an ambience full of sumptuous and surprising nuances.

The floor strikes the tone in Mixology. Nuria Alía created a personalised design using Hisbalit’s Art Factory personalisation service to create a multi-coloured carpet effect in green, pink, violet and living coral in a 4×4 format and gloss finish.

The designer also chose Hisbalit mosaic tiles to cover the four columns of the space.

She used four references that repeat on the customised floor: Hisbalit Living Coral Limited Edition, Unicolor 166 (pink), Urban Chic 714 (blue with metallic effects) and Unicolor 251 (violet). All four models are in 4×4 format with a gloss finish.

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