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Colour and creativity without limits! Cersaie 2021

by Elena Abascal
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Hisbalit turned heads at Cersaie 2021, the largest international event of the ceramics and design sector with a striking, handcrafted mosaic tile carpet inspired in the Memphis style created with the Art Factory Hisbalit personalisation service. As if it were a puzzle, each piece was installed by hand by the Hisbalit team to produce an 80 m2 multicoloured surface with strikingly creative geometric designs.

Visitors to the Hisbalit space, located in HALL 22, Stand A2-B3, were captivated by the “creativity without limits” proposed by Hisbalit, with a display bursting with colour and style.

Memphis style

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Memphis style, first presented at the Fiera of Milan in 1981, Hisbalit invited guests into a world of colour and limitless imagination, with a mosaic tile carpet inspired in the 80’s style. This is a vibrant trend with vibrant colours, attractive prints and geometric patterns that stir the senses.

A world filled with creativity and vitality, free to create original and striking geometric combinations with a vibrant chromatic palette.

Striking forms, colourful patterns and geometric asymmetries that break the rules, represented in daring prints in in 4 different formats (2.3×2.3, 4×4, round, hexagonal, hexagonal) creating a fusion of geometric combinations in black and white. Bold, striking and exciting designs to provoke unique visual effects.

Hisbalit offers the widest range of colour choices on the market, with different textures, formats and finishes for a choice of over 200 options and virtually limitless design possibilities.

Eco-friendly mosaic tile

The Hisbalit space at Cersaie 2021 exuded a feeling of “pure nature”, designed entirely with all natural materials: top quality, 100% eco-friendly mosaic tiles and wood features, including a giant tree symbolising the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Trends in mosaic tile for 2022

As part of its continuous dedication to innovation, Hisbalit presented at the international Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, a preview of three new collections to be launched in 2022: RAW, GLACÉE and ELEMENTS. Find all the details HERE!

38th edition of Cersaie

Cersaie 2021 was the first great international event to be held in-person since the pandemic. Cersaie is a unique event with over 62,000 registered visitors that gave us the opportunity to meet with distributors, architects, interior designers and professionals from the sector on five continents.

Five intensive days with the focus on Hisbalit’s commitment to environmental responsibility and our passion for colour and creativity. There were also many surprises, including being selected to form part of the “Archiproducts Design Selection” Cersaie 2021. Many thanks to all and we look forward to seeing you in the next edition!

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