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by Elena Abascal
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The interior designer  José Lara  presented at Casa Decor 2020  the “21st Century Marquess”, a masculine dressing room that displays the luxuries of a contemporary Marquess, focussing on the little details. Pampering both body and mind, memories of the aroma of travels, a cup of coffee in a favourite armchair… An elegant space that is both socially and environmentally aware.

A place for reflection where the 21st Century Marquess considers the possibilities for progress and sustainability to go hand in hand.

Recycled materials

The project is based on the use of natural, recycled and hand-crafted materials that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

One of these recycled materials that adds a special dash of distinction is Hisbalit’s ecological mosaic tiles in a new triangular format.

José Lara was inspired to surface the fireplace and shelves of the Marquess dressing room with Vertice, the new collection from Hisbalit. An interplay of symmetries in black and white!

Photos: Casa Decor Oficial | Luis hevia

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