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New Aqualuxe Class-3 slip resistant tiles Safety guaranteed in designer pools!

by Elena Abascal
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The latest international standards pay special attention to safety and the risk of falls. Thus, Hisbalit, always in constant evolution, presents at the 25th anniversary of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona its new Class-3 slip resistant tiles for our most emblematic pool collection: Aqualuxe.

This trendy new collection of mosaic tiles have an especially elegant finish, with subtle changes in colour depending on the light.

The Aqualuxe collection includes 12 references in a wide variety of tones, from the traditional (blue, white and green) to newer tones like beige, grey and black. These new references were presented this year to add a touch of distinction to surfaces in pools and spas.

What sets Hisbalit apart is the wide range of colours in mosaic tiles that we are now bringing to pools and spas.

Why Aqualuxe B3?

We wanted our stellar collection of mosaic tiles for “designer pools” to include a slip-resistant finish with the maximum safety classification. In fact, the current Technical Building Code requires the use of C-3 slip-resistant tiles for steps and surfaces in wet areas.

At Hisbalit we are leaders in providing slip-resistant solution in mosaic tiles and from January we will offer our latest Aqualuxe B3 tiles. The 12 references will have this slip-resistant finish, meeting all international safety standards without sacrificing exquisite colours and finishes that make all the difference. A designer collection with safety guaranteed.

Our new Aqualuxe B3 tiles, as with all Hisbalit’s slip-resistant tiles, have a surface that is smooth to the touch while maintaining the characteristic glossy finish of the collection.

Our B3 slip-resistant tiles

Our B3 slip-resistant mosaic tiles, certified as Class 3 according to the UNE-ENV 12633:2003, is one of the most advanced surfaces for maximum safety around pools and spas. These tiles also ensure maximum comfort as our tesserae are designed for walking barefoot, without sharp edges or abrasive surfaces.   

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