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What grouting should I use for my mosaic tile?

by Elena Abascal
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One of the most frequent questions when installing mosaic tile is the type of grouting to be used for top-quality results. Should you use a stain-resistant and water repellent grouting to avoid problems with stains and damp? We’ll tell you!

The grouting should meet its technical function, that is, to seal the joint between the tiles. Grouting is a fundamental part of the final look of a mosaic tile project, its durability and maintenance. Just as with mosaic tile, using quality grouting is essential to ensure the perfect finish and durability of the project for many years, avoiding problems with stains and damp.

Recommended grouting for eco-friendly mosaic tile

There are two types of grouting recommended for Hisbalit mosaic tiles


A cement-based grouting for thin joints with no aggregates, deformable, water-repellent and stain-resistant that complies with the UNE-EN 13888 CG2W Standard


Epoxy grouting is produced using active resins. This type of grouting has excellent qualities: water and steam proof, with limited deformability, highly resistant to humidity, chemical agents and bacteria, with powerful adherence.

Epoxy grouting is slightly more expensive than cement-based grouting but has much greater durability and is virtually maintenance-free. During application it is important to remember that it dries very quickly and so should be applied little by little.

How does the colour of the grouting change the final look of the mosaic tile project?

Grouting, both cement-based CG2W and epoxy are available in a wide range of colours. The choice of colour will largely determine the final effect of a project with mosaic tile.

Want to highlight the geometry of the tiles?

Choose a colour that contrasts with the mosaic tile, visually highlighting the shape of each tile.

Want a continuous and integrated look?

Choose a colour similar to that of the mosaic tile in order for the joint to blend in, giving a look of continuity.

Black mosaic tile (Unicolor 101) in hexagonal format with black and white grouting

The same mosaic tile but with different colour grouting

Be inspired by these projects that used the same Hisbalit mosaic tiles but with different colour grouting. They seem completely different!

White mosaic tile (Unicolor 103) in square format with different colours of grouting: white, dark grey and light blue.

ARNIA mosaic tile from the Water Mix collection with white and green grouting.

White mosaic tile (Unicolor 103) in round format with black and white grouting.

DOTS design (Les Classiques Hisbalit) with black and white grouting.

DOPPEL 568 mosaic tile with brown and white grouting.

Colour chart for joints!

Hisbalit has launched its new “grouting colour chart”, including samples of different colour grouting. The chart makes it easy to see how the colour of the grouting can change the aspect of the material. Ask your official Hisbalit distributor!

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