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We’re taking a trip!

by Elena Abascal
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8 essential destinations for design lovers!

A room to die for, with views over the sea, a spa to say goodbye to stress, an infinity pool where we wish time would stand still. Design is invading hotels, exteriors and dining areas. Care to join us on a tour of some of the most striking destinations this summer?

At Hisbalit we’re grabbing our suitcase to enjoy a very special trip to 8 essential destinations! All with one thing in common: our mosaic tiles! All of course in different colours, formats, textures and designs… Ready for take-off?

“Pure life”, Costa Rica

We begin our adventure with an emergency landing in the authentic tropical paradise of the Reserva Conchal. This natural enclave is the site of the new Hotel W Costa Rica, designed by  Mister Important Design in partnership with W Hotels and  Ronald Zurcher Architects.

This hotel has a striking design with an optimistic focus inspired by the local wildlife, native cultural emblems and surf culture. A wink to the joyful and carefree lifestyle of the inhabitants represented in colour. Thus, the exterior areas, bar and pool all have striking personalised designs in mosaic tile, created using the customisation service from Hisbalit’s Art Factory. Explosive and energetic, these designs are inspired by indigenous art and their popular saying “Pure life”.

“The Path of Life”, Mexico

Located on the Pacific ocean, in the heart of one of the most spectacular beaches in Mexico, we find another hotel from the W Hotels group, the Punta de Mita. This incredible establishment, a  fusion of luxury and nature, is our second stop.

-A project by ASET / AOMA, in partnership with the Oakland-based design company Mister Important Design and Starwood, the Punta de Mita pays homage to indigenous culture and the local surfing traditions of the enclave. This is a magical hotel with 5-star décor and a spectacular “Path of Life”: A 140 metre “handcrafted” exterior walkway created using Hisbalit’s Art Factory personalisation service.

Tesserae in green, white, yellow blue and black, with a non-slip and often photoluminescent finish, are used to create an “authentic carpet of colour and design”, inspired by traditional Huichol arts and crafts. The walkway leads guests from the lobby of the hotel to the beach. 

“The personalisation of a natural enclave”, Cuba

From the Riviera Nayarit we catch a plane to our next destination, this time a resort in Varadero. Some 150 km from La Habana we find the Ocean Vista Azul . A vacation paradise surrounded by beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and with an incredible infinity pool. The uniqueness of this natural enclave is reflected in the hotel’s interior design.

Suite of the Hotel Ocean Vista Azul in Varadero with a gradation Open Mix in blue tones by Hisbalit.

In the lobby we find a miniature water-filled pool. The white and grey tones, with Hisbalit’s ICE texture, transmits a feeling of freshness, connecting us to the outdoors. The luminous rooms reproduce the magic of marine depths thanks to the use of fresh and vibrant materials and complements.

Some of the most special suites have a strikingly modern and elegant design with unique visual effects thanks to the use of striking gradations in mosaic tile on walls and floors. Using the mix configurator, available on our website, designers created an Open Mix gradation in blue and black, a soft and harmonious gradation in mosaic tile.

The top beach club in Punta Cana

Island hopping! Before “hopping the pond” we’ll make a stop in Punta Cana, to visit the most exclusive beach club, heralded by the American travel magazine Travel Weekly for its modern, elegant design, the  Pearl Beach Club Catalonia Bávaro. . Extending over 1,700 square metres, the crystal clear waters of the infinity pool, surfaced in Hisbalit’s Cares mosaic tiles in beige, transmit a sensation of purity and peacefulness. Surrounded by palm trees, with floating sunbeds, this is a paradise of luxury and relaxation.  

“The most refreshing pool”, Cabo Verde

Project: Alejandro Sánchez

After a few days relaxing at the beach club it´s time to catch another plane. After a few hours flight over the Atlantic we land in the Isla de Sal, in Cabo Verde, for a splash in the pool at the  Hotel Riu Funana. . Water is the feature attraction at this spectacular 550-room resort.

The complex includes two infinity pools, hydromassage areas and a swim-up bar with a refreshing design that connects perfectly with the surrounding vegetation. To make the design even more special the designers combined the Capri model from the Aqualuxe collection, with a unique glossy finish, used for the water beds, and the Ebro tile from the Unicolor collection for the basin. This reference in blue tone that was incorporated in a non-slip finish for maximum safety.

“High-rise sunset”, Canary Islands

Project: Alejandro Sánchez

Our adventure continues in Gran Canarias, in another hotel of the RIU Group with an outstanding, elegant design, with a wink to 60’s chic, and its infinity pool! It seems to blend into the sea!

The swimming area of the Riu Gran Canarias Club has a modern and relaxing ambience, designed to allow guests to enjoy the finest sunsets of the island from the water beds, without having to leave the water.

For the pool basin they chose Ebro mosaic tiles and Capri tiles from the Aqualuxe collection for the water beds. Additionally, the pool incorporates our revolutionary 3S-Safe Swim Signs.

To ensure safe swimming, depth indicators were incorporated, printed onto the mosaic tile with a Class-3 non-slip finish and photoluminescent.

“A mix that is the centre of attention”, Mallorca 

Before returning home, we couldn’t miss out on the crystal clear water and that special magic of the Balearic Islands! We make a stop at the Iberostar Alcudia Park, in Mallorca. , a modern hotel with incredible views of the bay.

One of the great secrets is that its terrace includes two striking red coloured Jacuzzis and pools that are the centre of attention. A bold proposition surfaced with a personalised Open Mix.

The designers selected Hisbalit’s Unicolor 172 and 176, in red and the mosaic Luxe 511, with a very special iridescent finish that changes colour depending on the light. The result is a vibrant and captivating sight!

“From Madrid to heaven”, Aloft Gran Vía

Our adventure concludes in Madrid, in the recently inaugurated Aloft Gran Vía Hotel, of the Marriott Group. This is an establishment with loads of personality designed by the Rockwell Group where the latest technologies take centre stage.

One of the attractions is the terrace with a swimming pool where guests can enjoy the spectacular views of the capital.  

A surprising wave of colour created using Hisbalit’s Art Factory personalisation service acts as a guide from the terrace into the pool. An explosion of colour! All created using blue, red, orange, green and yellow tesserae on a white background, surfaced with Hisbalit mosaic tiles.

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