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Welcome to Mid Century by Hisbalit

by Elena Abascal
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Mid-Century Modern is in fashion and there is no better place to celebrate its return than Palm Springs. Vacation hotspot of Hollywood stars in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, this California town is once again a place of pilgrimage and desire.

Located in the desert valley of Coachella, a mere 2 hours from Los Angeles, Palm Springs is a mecca of modernist architecture. This style, promoted by the architect Donald Wexler among others, is so prevalent that a specific current within modernism has been identified with Palm Springs, so-called “Desert Modernism” or“SoCal Modern” (referring to Southern California).

Bungalows flooded with light from enormous floor-to-ceiling windows that bring exteriors and swimming pools into the
routine of the house. Sliding doors, steel roofs, minimalism, geometry and functionality combined with vibrant, cheerful
colours for a feeling of endless summer.

Swimming pools, palm trees, glamour, prints and colour are the key inspirations for this new design collection from the Art
Factory. Geometric prints, pearlescent sheen, bold colour combinations, retro inspiration… open the door to all the glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood… “Welcome to Palm Springs”.

Think Pink

Rose quartz refuses to give up its crown. This colour transmits an atmosphere of calm, softness and sophistication. Pink,
turquoise, mint green, pastel yellows and blues… this is the unmistakable palette of the glory years of Palm Springs. They say that it was so in fashion that every housewife wanted a pink kitchen and bathroom, and thus was forever
identified as a feminine colour.

Feminine or not, this colour imbues spaces with elegance, warmth and a feeling of relaxation. Inspired by the aesthetics of the era, we have toyed with the characteristic palette of colours, beginning with pink, and with geometric patterns, to offer versatile and cheerful designs that give a touch of freshness to any space.

Natural Green

Emerald, malachite, turquoise, jade: green in all its natural tonalities. Brilliant and varied tones that inundate this season’s interior design, creating an elegantly fresh and balanced atmosphere that matches any style. A tribute
to nature giving an immediate feeling of refreshment.

This palette of greens is complemented and harmonised with other ranges of colour found in nature: terracotta, coral, yellow, rose quartz, blues (in its full range of tones). Greens are boldly combined with touches of other colours, greens with other greens in glam combinations, and greens with other colours in striking contrasts for bold interior designs.
A universe of green is yours… go green!

Pool Party

Glorious sunsets, long orange-hued evenings in the desert, striking modernist houses with inviting swimming pools, music playing. Frank Sinatra, Marilyn, Elisabeth Taylor and Bob Hope chatting away over a Dry Martini. There is no doubt it’s summer and we’re at one of the famous Palm Springs pool parties.

Hollywood A-listers gather in the desert, their summer retreat, subject to the “Two Hour Rule” imposed by the studios Actors under contract had to be available in Los Angeles studios within two hours). Summer nights stringing
party after party where colour was the star.

As temperatures rise, and days become longer and longer, we feel irresistibly drawn to terraces, gardens and swimming pools. We offer designs full of summery, cheerful colours with patterns inspired by Palm Springs pool parties.
Yellows, greens, pinks, turquoise… balanced by neutral colours providing harmony and the right touch of colour without excesses.

Yellow Fever

Both daring and seductive, yellow has become the colour of the season, to the point that some say yellow is the new white.
The connotations of this colour are infinite, and on occasion contradictory: energy and strength versus envy and hostility.

There is no middle ground, you either love it or hate it. But in décor, yellow always brings a note of freshness and good cheer, that “je ne sais quoi” of summer.

From its soft pastel hues to its sharper, citrusy tones, yellow brings an unmistakable note of personality to any atmosphere.
Our proposal? Geometric prints and combining an array of yellows.

Ski es blue

Palm Springs, desert, cactus and blue sky. And there, from high above, it inspires inviting interiors and appealing colour contrasts. The Mid-Century Modern style is characterised by clean lines and simple materials in architecture and
furnishings, but also with the bold use of colour in interior design.

Colourful polka dot patterns and a vibrant palette of colours, brilliant blues in striking contrast to intense oranges, reds and yellows creating combinations of intense colours that awaken the senses.

This is the colour of water, the sky, of clean, fresh, open spaces and these are the feelings of blue in décor. Together with white, blue can have a striking effect and when used in combination with its chromatic opposites, oranges and reds,
creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

Although blue has a relaxed personality, its can provoke intense effects, transforming spaces and mimicking the sensation of being outdoors.

Te sugerimos

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