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“Welcome Summer” exterior décor

by Elena Abascal
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We’re opening the doors to summer with fresh ideas full of vitality. Discover incredible terraces and balconies!

Project: Nobohome. Blasco de Garay. Photo: Arne Grugel.

Welcome summer! So begins the season for slowing down, for moments of relaxation and above all to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home. These become corners of peace and relaxation when the heat, the sun and slower rhythms take over.

If you haven’t had time to prepare your outdoor space because summer has caught you by surprise, we invite you to take a look at some of the most enchanting terraces and balconies to give you some fresh ideas!

A trip to Alice’s Wonderland?

Inspired by the story of Lewis Carroll, this terrace, designed by CBRE, is an invitation to dream and play with imagination and contrasts.

Project: CBRE. Casa Decor 2017. Photo: Nacho Uribe Salazar

White was the chosen colour for the floors and walls, specifically Hisbalit’s Unicolor 103 mosaic tiles in round format with a matte finish, to create a welcoming space of “pure white”. The touches of vibrant colour are provided by furnishings inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland and incorporating the latest technologies. The cactus adds warmth and a connection to nature. Surprised by the effect? This is a perfect idea for attics, dormers or mid-sized terraces. The best part? You can achieve these results without renovations by installing the mosaic tiles directly onto the existing surface!

We’re travelling to a world of colour!

Art Factory Collection, pinapple

There is no better way to give a touch of freshness and character than by adding colour, design and personality. The size of the terrace isn’t important, the space is maximised with a very personal style!

On the walls, the brickwork is combined with a fun mosaic design filling the space with vitality. This is the “Piñas” model from Hisbalit’s Art Factory, turning this small terrace into a space of fun and creativity. With functional furnishings, and a few colourful plant pots, this balcony becomes paradise of feelgood vibrations.

A stop in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico | Art Factory CollectionsOur next port of call is Puerto Rico. In this terrace creativity is also the star, with an amazing designer floor.

Simple lines, elegant combinations with a modern palette of colour. The simple square mosaic tile pattern provides a unique touch of chic to the terrace.

This is the Puerto Rico collection by Hisbalit’s Art Factory, perfect for combining accessories in blue, white and wood tones.

Welcome to Mexico!

Veracruz | Art Factory Collection

We continue the play of geometric patterns, adding a modern and elegant touch with a mosaic tile floor that simulates a carpet. A charming space in neutral tones for those who like their colours understated. You can combine the “Veracruz” collection by Hisbalit’s Art Factory with wood and other natural elements to create a warm, inviting and charming space!

A getaway to Madrid

Houzz. Casa Decor 2016. Orlando Gutiérrez

Our voyage of inspiration ends in Madrid with proposals for small terraces and balconies with lots of big ideas.

In this kitchen, designed by Estudio Nimú for Houzz, the aim is to achieve a decorative unity, extending the kitchen towards the terrace, enlarging the space. Using a coherent design with a perfect chromatic combination and continuity, the designers have created a space full of harmony and warmth.

The floor of the kitchen is the key, created with a personalised Art Factory design, using a colour that combines with the wood floor of the terrace and furnishings. The decorative coherence and the choice of tiles in the same style expand the size of the terrace as if by magic. A perfect idea for small terraces.

And if you don’t have a terrace?

Espacio Hisbalit (Modulor) Casa Decor 2014. Zooco Estudio. Orlando Gutiérrez

Find your comfort zone this summer! An example is this balcony designed by Zooco Estudio, maximising the space and full of personality. How about greeting the day and enjoying the morning sun on this balcony with a personalised mosaic tile floor? It can even be your urban garden with your preferred plants, a breakfast space with a small functional table… Imagine the possibilities!

And if you don’t have a terrace or a balcony?

Modulor, Zooco Estudio

Invent your own cool relaxation space! It’s like living an endless summer! Find a corner full of light in your living room and create a vertical garden that connects you to nature, like this idea from Zooco Estudio. Add some functional wooden furniture and it’s like having your own indoor terrace!

An interior terrace

Your home may not have any outdoor space, but you probably have a bay window, a balcony or a little corner you’ve been planning to transform… we encourage you to create your own terrace inside your own home!

Try blue walls, fresh and vibrant decoration, rattan furniture and, for the floor? Plenty of design! Our suggestion? Model Sycamore from Hisbalit’s “Welcome to Palm Springs” collection. You’ll be transported to world of classic California pool parties… without leaving your home! We love the play of geometric designs and cool colours of this model. Relax, slow down, and enjoy the energy of the summer!

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