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Two universes “bathroom”

by Elena Abascal
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Two Universes

Ele Room 62 has created a bathroom for Jacob Delafon where two universes, his and hers, are combined in perfect harmony.

Hers, in “classic modernity” is an elegant space with a distinctly classic character reinforced by architectural features such as the mantelpiece and mouldings. Extremely feminine in terms of colour and the delicacy of the finishings and textures.

With painstaking attention to every detail, even the most basic elements, such as the sink or the radiator, are truly decorative features.

The bathtub is the star of the space. Rounded and with sinuous forms, it is incorporated within contrasting decorative elements to imbue the space with style and personality.

Now we enter his universe, in the style of “mechanical chic”. This is an elegant space with a more contemporary feel, practical and functional. Black and white tones set in geometric play that reinforce the masculine character of the space. The elements, sober and rectilinear, are few but judiciously selected, including the radiator.

Black and white tones set in geometric play that reinforce the masculine character of the space. The elements, sober and rectilinear, are few but judiciously selected, including the radiator and also the presser, look to function more than
mere form. Woods and the play of light bring warmth and mystery to the space.

Common to these two universes are the texture of paper with natural fibres, geometric motifs, the play of textures and lighting and richly decorative elements.

Art Factory Design

Among these elements is the creation of Hisbalit for Ele Room 62, an Art Factory design for his bathroom wall produced through our exclusive personalisation service. A la carte colours, textures, motifs and compositions… The Art Factory design team can develop any project, transforming an idea into reality in mosaic tile.

Two universes inspire this bathroom, designed for enjoyment and relaxation, together or individually.

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