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DOMÉSTICA, House Goods

We’re turning on the lights! Welcome to our SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GUIDE. Here you will find a selection of shops with “STYLE”. These exclusive boutique shops offer inspiring and deluxe suggestions for these special holidays. Imagine choosing your holiday gifts while truly enjoying the shopping experience! You’ll want time to stand still as you admire the exquisite decorations!


La Oka Bilbao

(C/ MARQUÉS DEL PUERTO 1 ) Steps from the iconic Plaza Moyua of Bilbao we find La Oka, an establishment offering traditional gourmet products. Certified meats, Iberian Bellota ham, conserves from Cantabria and the finest wines for the most discerning palates. The perfect gift for the “foodies” of the family.

VERNO consultoría de diseño | Photos: Nacho Martínez

4×4 Inspiration! One of the many surprises in this shop is the floor. Verno Consultoría de Diseño produced this classic delicatessen design using Hisbalit’s exclusive Art Factory service. On a black background the designers created a checkerboard design bordered in yellow… A new concept in elegance!


VERNO consultoría de diseño | Photos: Nacho Martínez

(CALLE ERCILLA 14. BILBAO) Just minutes from La Oka , in the heart of Bilbao, is the Mugarra, , a restaurant reconverted into a restaurant-shop. A space that will take you on a journey to the taste of Cantabria, with irresistible products. The perfect choice for lovers of traditional cuisine!

Verno Consultoría de Diseño reinvented the concept of the shop, with a relaxed style but with the unmistakable stamp of quality down to the last detail. The design took its inspiration from a ship, incorporating elements evoking the sea and the land. Behind the counter, the wall and floor are brought together in a curve with a mosaic tile rendering of a photograph of a fisherman fixing his net. A design created with Hisbalit’s Identity Mosaic service, evoking the sea and giving personality to the project.


La Duquesita

Madrid in Love | Photos: Lucia M Photography

(CALLE DE FERNANDO VI 2, MADRID) If you’re thinking of sweet gifts this Christmas, you must pay a visit to La Duquesita! This historic patisserie in the centre of Madrid was renovated in 2016 by Madrid in Love. . An emblematic space displaying the finest desserts, pastries, sweets and confectionery.

A shop with personality, with an antique façade and furnishings but with a contemporary spirit. The studio highlighted the shop’s historic features while incorporating special details such as the custom floor. Using Hisbalit’s Art Factory service, the designers created a personalised design with hexagonal tesserae in black and white. An elegant, classically inspired design.


Ideoarquitectura | Photos: José Hevia

(C/ VILADOMAT 140 BIS, BARCELONA) From the traditional to the avant-garde. The Eixample of Barcelona is home to L’Atelier. A patisserie that is both atelier and academy; a unique, innovative, haute couture delicatessen.

The goal of Ideoarquitectura, the studio commissioned with the project, was to fuse the bustle of atelier with the perfection of a boutique-patisserie. They preserved the aesthetics of this diaphanous 500m2 locale, incorporating a delicate interior glass case, a kind of jewellery box creating two contrasting worlds. A daring but captivating idea.

Hisbalit Urban Chic 501 mosaic tiles in gold and ochre colours were used on the walls in the bathroom area, converting this area into a jewel itself.


Lavani Jewels


(PRÍNCIPE DE VERGARA 25, MADRID) A watch, a bracelet or designer. Jewellery is one of the preferred gift choices for Christmas. If you are looking for option, we recommend Lavani Jewels, in Príncipe de Vergara, Madrid. A jeweller with a fresh, mid-century modern style, designed by DIMEIC.

The aim of the studio was to incorporate a railing on the staircase that would also serve to display jewels. To achieve this, the floor included an attractive design in mosaic tile, reference Motel from the Welcome to Palm Springs collection by Hisbalit. This collection is characterised by its geometric patterns, mother-of-pearl, and retro décor with daring combinations of colour and forms.


(PASEO DE PEREDA 7, SANTANDER) For lovers of fine jewellery, we recommend Bannatyne , on the emblematic Paseo Pereda in Santander. Located in a historic building facing the bay, the Bannatyne offers excellent pieces from some of the finest jewellers in the world as well as their own designs.

This is a distinguished locale that elegantly combines simplicity, luxury and functionality, thanks to the work of the architect Ignacio Perde Pérez and the interior designer José Piris. They selected the highest quality materials in neutral tones to create a relaxing atmosphere, including Hisbalit mosaic tiles.

They chose Hisbalit’s Unicolor 103 in white, in round format, for the display window, giving an air of exclusivity and lustre to the shop exterior.


Bimani 13

(CALLE DE VELÁZQUEZ 43, MADRID) We’re shopping on Calle Velázquez in Madrid and we stop in at  Bimani 13 ! The perfect place to find that special something, the latest trend that is never out of style.

The feminine fashion boutique is a hit, and not only because of its fashions. The décor is irresistible! The Dimeic studio was responsible for the interior design of the boutique.

With white as the principal colour, gold toned furnishings and a striking customised floor, the designers managed to produce an atmosphere of freshness, sophistication and elegance. The floor simulates a carpet design, produced using Hisbalit’s COACHELLA model from the Palm Springs collection, and including the name of the shop in mosaic tiles.
Love at first sight.

Just ene shoes

(CALLE ALMIRANTE 18, MADRID) The luxury of handcrafted shoes! Can you imagine a more special gift? Don’t miss the new Atelier Just Ene Shoes  in Calle Almirante, Madrid! Personalised, custom shoes produced entirely in Spain.

This high-end shop was designed by Dimeic using an interplay of textures, materials and colours to achieve an atmosphere bursting with glamour. The designers chose a combination of marble, blue velvet, brass and Hisbalit mosaic tiles to create the display counter. An irresistible signature piece!
The locale includes gold coloured tiles from our Urban Chic collection, green tiles (Unicolor 313) and velvet. Contrast and elegance!

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