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DOPPEL, A return to the past with minimalist lines and essential forms

by Elena Abascal
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We’re rediscovering clean lines, seeking aesthetic balance and harmony… returning to the “less is more” philosophy of Mies Van der Rohe, to neutral tones and traditional formats.

A return to simplicity

 Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

“Originality consists in a return to the origins; thus, what is original is that which returns to the simplicity of early solutions”. Antonio Gaudí believed that creativity consisted in many cases of looking to the past and returning to simplicity. And it’s clear, more than ever, essential forms are back in style! Simplicity and the pure geometric lines are back.

Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

At Hisbalit we have looked back over the history of architecture to discover the aesthetic and functional form which endures over time: the rectangle, our new format. A combination of the static and dynamic, tradition and modernity. Minimalist lines that clear away the clutter and transmit simplicity, harmony and functionality.

Architecture & Rectangle

Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

The rectangle has always aroused passions: from the classical period when the Greeks and Romans applied square forms to create the static rectangular proportions found in their temples and urban layouts, to the development of the golden ratio in search of the divine canons of beauty.

In modern architecture, the Bauhaus famously experimented with the Doppelquadrat in search of a functional aesthetic in a confluence of straight lines and geometric purity. Le Corbusier took up the ancient idea of a direct proportionality of scale between buildings and the human form. His scale of proportions, called the Modulor, establishes a mathematical relation between the human form and architecture, based on the superposition of a golden rectangle and double square rectangle.

In oriental architecture, the rectangle is also one of the essential formats. In homes, the rectangular Ken model of Japanese tatamis defines ideal dimensions for the home.

Geometry & proportion

 Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

“Geometry provides the solutions to the problems of architecture”. Inspired by the ideas of Le Corbusier, the DOPPEL rectangle, our new format, invites geometric interplay through the perfection of the “double square” rectangle.

Two squares are combined allowing for unique aesthetic, symbolic and creative effects. The clean lines and exact 1:2 proportions transmit order and balance while its simplicity produces a sensation of security and strength to the space.

The “double square” rectangle is a modular format, that can be used to create a sensation of movement and unique optical effects depending on the orientation used. Horizontally, the effect is a sensation of repose while vertically there is a feeling of dynamism and movement. It is also possible to combine the two to create a surprising braid or weave effect.

Colours that connect

Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

The DOPPEL rectangle acquires its complete essence in neutral colours providing a connection to nature and traditional influences and designs. Soft colours with a matte finish can be used to create earthy tones, timeless colours that are always in style: whites, greys, blues and browns.

Elegant earth tones create inviting spaces filled with warmth, relaxation and repose.

Personality & contrast

Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

Dark grey (DOPPEL 564) creates an elegant atmosphere, perfect for formal occasions and a balanced ambience. Far from daring, this colour provides spaces with a feeling of cool unity and harmony.

Purity & freshness

 Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

Matte white (DOPPEL 568) is the colour of purity, creating a fresh and relaxing space.  The perfect colour to bring together woods, natural elements and furnishings in a warm embrace.

Harmony & calm

Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

Bluish grey  (DOPPEL 569) Develops us in an atmosphere of cool luxury and elegance, of calm and harmony. The colour of true equilibrium.

Serenity & sophistication

Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

The colour light grey (DOPPEL 570) will submerge you into a world of serenity, allowing an endless variety of chromatic combinations: white, earth tones, blue, red…


Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

Daring and sophisticated, intense blue (DOPPEL 573) provides energy and bold character in décor. A colour that captivates and connects with water.

The natural touch

Mosaic DOPPEL Hisbalit

The colour of warmth (DOPPEL 574) transporting us back to nature by evoking wood and earth, providing a grounded feel of security to spaces.


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