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Both intense and subtle, Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral, the 2019 colour of the year inspires us with vitality and optimism. Add a dose of positive energy to the constant social changes around us. No doubt this colour carries a message, inviting us to reflect on the dependence on technology, social networks and the need to care for our natural environment.

Be bold in combining formats and playing with geometry!


Its freshness, warmth and comfort reminds us of summer! Sun, sea, music, vacations… A colour that raises the spirits and invites us to live in a true tropical paradise!

Its golden hues add light and dynamism with a dash of subtle softness making this a timeless colour: perfect for adding comfort to the most neutral or the most daring spaces.

Environmental message

In its most natural version, Living Coral invites us to explore the depths of the sea in search of true “living coral”, a visually hypnotic tone that recalls the tropical coral reefs that contain a kaleidoscope of colour. A captivating naturalism that invites us to cast a critical eye on our current lifestyle and its devastating effect on the natural world.

Connection and intimacy

Selected by the Pantone, the Global Colour Authority, Living Coral reflects the connection with nature and calm serenity, escaping social networks and new technologies. This is a colour for finding intimacy and a true moment of calm and comfort.

Living Coral also in mosaic tile!

We love the colour of the year; a perfect match for our values. And we love to create spaces with a special magic where we can relax and reconnect with ourselves.

And its environmental message has also captivated us! The colour of 2019 guides us towards optimism, inviting us to do our part to conserve and protect the seas and oceans.

This is a colour that says “yes” to caring for our environment and the use of ecological materials, such as Hisbalit mosaic tiles: produced from recycled glass and natural pigments… Can you imagine using a colour with so much personality? Be bold and include it into our designs!

3 palettes to combine Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral

Living Coral sets the chromatic tone for fashion and design. But how can we incorporate it into our décor? Should it be combined with pastel tones or with more daring possibilities? We suggest 3 palettes by Pantone to make best use of the trendiest colour in the months to come.

For the lovers of provocative colours, Pantone suggests “Under the Sea”. A palette of colours that transports us to a submerged aquatic world in a tropical paradise. A warm and explosive summer-time combination.

A palette where the colour of the year is fused with green, evoking the natural environment and transporting us away from the noise and bustle of urban life. It also includes a touch of grey, adding an air of luxury and calm to the atmosphere.

A combination of colours used by Proyecto Singular in the bathrooms of the Botania restaurant in Madrid, creating an intimate oasis of tranquillity.

In the bathrooms, Living Coral is combined with green on the walls. A plant, a wicker basket and a designer floor by Hisbalit’s Art Factory come together to create a unique bucolic ambience.

A combination of cheerful colours, an invitation to fun and positive energy. Here the colour of the year is not the protagonist but another element in a décor marked by the use of greens and blues.

A palette used by CM4 Arquitectos in their renovation of the Ditirambo ”gastrotasca” giving the restaurant a fresh and inviting atmosphere where clients can feel at home. The designers achieved a unique combination of greens and blues with a personalised design from Hisbalit’s Art Factory Hisbalit for the bar.

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