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“Top quality materials,a good layout, and a touch of surprise: the 3 basic ingredients for successful renovation”

Hexagonos model with personalised colours

Nobohome has become one of the leading designers of boutique apartments in Barcelona. Luxury apartments in top locations with Scandinavian functionality and exquisite design. They began in the home renovation sector, almost by chance, through their own experience of renovating their own home. Now, almost 10 years later, they are specialists in the sector. The hallmark of their projects? The use of honest, sustainable, top-quality materials that give a feel of luxury and comfort.

In less than a decade you’ve become a reference in the design and renovation of luxury homes and apartments in Barcelona. What inspired your passion for interior design and where did the idea of creating Nobohome come from?

The idea of creating  Nobohome came out of the love Niels and I had for Barcelona. We used to visit the city ten times a year from Amsterdam and we began to dream about a future in the city with a great idea that allowed us to change our destiny.

After a long search, we bought and renovated an apartment for ourselves, our family and friends. The renovation was a great success. The apartment appeared in various magazines and media specialised in interior design and décor. Our work was popular and we decided to turn our passion into a business.

How would you define your work philosophy?

“Never regret not having lived your own life. Health and happiness are the most important things”. This is a philosophy we try to bring to our projects.

Your projects exude style, elegance and modernity. A fusion of Scandinavian functionality and exquisite design. How would you, in your own words, describe the Nobohome style?

Each apartment has its own personality and character. We always try to bring out the maximum potential of every space with the best finish possible. Form and function are equally important.

Hexagonos model with personalised colours

What is your main source of inspiration when approaching a new renovation project?

We take our inspiration from the world around us. It may be a form, an animal, nature, a feeling, an experience… But our main source of inspiration is what you feel when entering a space for the first time. Its light, its soul, its layout, its history.

Is the international vision of Nobohome projected onto each renovation?

More than an international vision, what we try to convey is the same standard of luxury, imagining what future buyers will need in their home: good, honest materials of the highest quality that give a feel of comfort and luxury.

Wall surfaced in white mosaic tile (Unicolor 103) and grey grouting

If you had to choose 3 golden rules to add style and functionality to a space What would they be?

If I had to choose 3 rules they would be: good layout of the home; with lots of light and space; top quality materials, properly installed, and being bold in using different combinations that are out of the ordinary. That is, to add a surprising touch to each apartment.

Of all your projects, which one are you most proud of? What challenge would you like to take on in the future?

It’s difficult to choose, but I think the project in Calella de Palafrugell that we finished this year is very special. A challenge for the future is to continue having fun with the work, despite all the bureaucracy we have to deal with.

Do you give a lot of importance to the use of sustainable materials in each renovation project?

Of course. We carefully select the materials for each project with an eye to sustainability. We always verify the origin of the products and what they are made of. We also incorporate second hand furnishings into all our projects, to add a vintage touch.

Unicolor 220 mosaic tile in hexagonal format

Hisbalit mosaic tiles are an essential part of your projects. Why mosaic tile?

I love traditional mosaic tiles and Hisbalit offers lots of possibilities. You can choose one colour out of a huge range of colours, or you can use a multicolour combination. You can also take an image and reproduce it in mosaic tile or add a touch of fun using designs from Art Factory.

Hexagonos model with personalised colours

Terraces, bathrooms, hallways, showers… You have used Hisbalit mosaic tile for all kinds of applications. Which has been the most special?

That’s a difficult question to answer. We’ve used Hisbalit mosaic tiles in practically all our projects, even in our first apartment where we installed cove bases in the corners. And so, it’s an indispensably versatile material to add a different touch to each of our projects. We pay a lot of attention to the installation to ensure a spectacular final result.

As a forecast of the coming trends, what do you see as the coming decorative style for 2022?

In 2022 we’ll see comfort and luxury in the home. With rounded surfaces and formats, soft colours and, as a contrast, purple tones.

One of the leading designs is the Hexagonos model, in personalised colours to adapt to the chromatic range of each home. Is this the most striking design?

We used the Hexagonos in two projects with personalised colours. For an apartment we were inspired by the floor of the restaurant of the Wythe Boutique Hotel in Williamsburg, New York. We included the model in three areas of the home: the kitchen floor, the hallway and the terrace.

In other projects were personalised the design with blue tones, for the floor of the main bathroom, with very striking and distinguished results.

Terrace with floor in Hexagonos | Art Factory

Creativity is one of the hallmarks of Nobohome. Has the possibility of creating ‘a la carte’ designs with the Art Factory personalisation service helped you give free reign to your creativity?

Yes. Without a doubt. When I take my time thinking about designs, I come up with surprising designs that I can recreate with this very special material. It takes time to bring these to life because the installation is all by hand.

The most special Hisbalit collection?

I love the new Black & White collection, with elegant combinations in black and white, ready to install.

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