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Ideas for small bathrooms

by Elena Abascal
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Bathroom design by the architect Mónica Diago using the Hexagon model by Art Factory Hisbalit

Looking for ideas for small bathrooms? One of the most common dilemmas when renovating a bathroom is deciding on the type of surfaces, materials and colours that give added visual space to small bathrooms.

We have found inspiration in projects by renowned interior designers and architecture studios: creative and exciting ideas to get the most out of small bathrooms. These spaces have a special charm, using materials, colours and furnishings to enhance the feeling of space, for luminous and attractive bathrooms.

And what do these projects all have in common? Hisbalit mosaic tile! In various formats, textures and colours. Our 100% recycled glass tesserae are ideal for bathroom walls and floors, an inspiring choice offering an endless variety of colours and opportunities for limitless creativity!

Hisbalit mosaic tiles are manufactured using 100% recycled glass and natural pigments and they are hygienic and anti-allergenic with 0% absorption and thus preventing the appearance of mold and bacteria. Thus, Hisbalit mosaic tiles are highly recommended for wet or humid areas such as bathrooms.  

Another advantage of Hisbalit mosaic tiles is that they can be installed on existing surfaces. Express renovations, with no costly construction work! Providing the existing surface is level.

6 ideas for small bathrooms

 A continuous surface, also in the shower!

Bathroom designed by Leticia Yaguez with a floor from Art Factory Hisbalit | Photo:  Rubén Lopez Ronda

One way to visually expand the space in small bathrooms is to use the same material on both the floor and in the shower, installed at the same height. The continuous floor, on the same level throughout, is an easy way to gain the feeling of extra space. What do you think of this kid’s bathroom by Leticia Yaguez?  

The use of mint green with a very special tile is the essence of this striking bathroom. The designer imagined a floral motif in green and pink tones, brought to life in mosaic tile thanks to Hisbalit’s Art Factory customisation service. The continuous designer floor gives the feel of space, light and freshness.

Before and after of a bathroom by Vikna.

Another idea is to use a continuous grey surface with white mosaic tiles (Unicolor 103) in 4×4 format on all the walls including the shower, as shown by these amazing before and after photos of this bathroom by  VIKNA.

Matching walls and floors!

Bathroom designed by Miriam Barrio for the Nacarii shop. | Bathroom by the  Studio Kokumi using Hisbalit’s Dots model

One strategy to trick the eye and give the impression of greater space is to use the same tiles on both the walls and the floor. Miriam Barrio selected our round tesserae to create this personalised, elegant design in black and white for both the walls and floor of the bathroom at the Nacarii shop in Barcelona. Amazing!

In another example, Studio Kokumi chose the DOTS model from Hisbalit’s Art Factory, also in black and white for one of the bathrooms in the Hotel Marette in Paris. A very elegant and attractive design.

 Total White bathroom by Nobohome

A classic that never fails is “Total White”. For this bathroom, Nobohome selected our Unicolor 103 mosaic tile in 2.2 x 2.5 format, using the same tiles for both the walls and floor, creating a greater sensation of space for this very small bathroom.

Customised and suspended units and furnishings!

Bathroom with custom furnishings by Mónica Diago / Bathroom by Dimeic with Classic Blue mosaic tiles

Another idea for small bathrooms is to install “custom” furnishings to take maximum advantage of every corner, such as these wooden shelves designed by Mónica Diago for this kid’s bathroom. This bathroom also has an amazing designer floor using the Hexagon model by Art Factory Hisbalit with personalised colours. Dimeic offers this customised sink and unique wall design in Hisbalit mosaic tiles in the Pantone 2020 colour Classic Blue.

Bathroom by  Aedificare with Hisbalit Living Coral mosaic tiles / Bathroom by Nobohome

Speaking of furnishings, remember that suspended units help gain additional space! We were inspired by the bathroom designed by Aedificare, which includes our limited edition Hisbalit Living Coral mosaic tiles on the principal wall to create an inviting space with a suspended sink. Another example is the bathroom by Nobohome with a minimalist suspended sink for added space.

Customised mini-bath!

If you have you always dreamed of having a bathtub but don’t have enough space, let your imagination run wild like the Equipo Nimu! They created this unique shower unit that converts into a bathtub for the little ones in the family! To create this unique feature, which includes the word “Wonder”, the designers turned Hisbalit’s Art Factory customisation service.

Fusion of black and white!

Another idea for small bathrooms is to choose a black and white motif. This is a classic combination that never goes out of style. How about this designer floor? This classic retro checkerboard, DAMERO, design gives this bathroom a vivid dash of personality.   

Interplay of mirrors!

Project by Miel Arquitectos | Photos: José Hevia

One infallible trick to gain space and light in small bathrooms to play with mirrors. Our inspiration? The Parlament 19 project, by MIEL Arquitectos and STUDIO P10! They used a creative interplay of mirrors in the bathroom to enhance the natural light while also adding a vibrant personalised mix in yellow with a GRADATION Open Mix, using references UNICOLOR 103 (white) and 302 (yellow) in hexagonal format.

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