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“I am in love with Hisbalit mosaic tiles”

by Elena Abascal

Entrepreneur, creator, dreamer. At Hisbalit we had the opportunity to interview Patricia Bustos, winner of the award for “Best Project Casa Décor 2018” for “Osadía Rebel Kitchen”, her kitchen with a floor by Hisbalit’s Art Factory.
– Partner in the former design studio Living Pink, she has founded the Patricia Bustos Studio (formerly Blossom Studio) executing interior design projects for private homes, hotels, restaurants, offices and shops.
Her hallmarks: colour, energy, freshness and avant-garde design.

“Wake Up in Palm Springs” was one of the most popular spaces in last year’s Casa Décor. It was like waking up to good vibrations. In the 2018 edition you won the “Best Project” award. What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was to differentiate what I would do this year from last year. I like to incorporate new things into each project and innovate in every exhibition like Casa Décor. But I also have a very distinct personal style that I want to respect in every project. I wanted to do something that was different still recognisable as my design.

-How would you describe the values that define your projects?

Freshness and avant-garde. I try to make my projects fresh through colour or the use of materials. In general, I like to keep up with the latest trends and to be fairly avant-garde. I keep an eye on the international scene, what’s happening and also to draw on resources from the past but always looking to the future. A sort of retro-futurist style.

-Your icon of interior design is…?

I have many, but India Mahdavi and Kelly Wearstler are two special references for me. They are also both very contemporary.

-What era do you most identify with in terms of aesthetics?

I draw on things from the past but always looking to the future. But I would say the 1950’s, the Mid-Century, is the era I most identify with, although I like all of them. This year I was inspired by the 1920’s but I also think the 1980’s Memphis style is really fun.

-What is the best combination for pastel colours?

In general, I combine these with natural materials. In my projects, a neutral base and pastel tones are a common theme, I then incorporate marble, gold leaf or mirrors which help to amplify the space and give lots of light.

The use of high quality textiles is important in my spaces, like velvet or natural silk, that give a touch of luxury. For example, spaces with a lot of wood or washed-out colours have a “Naïf” effect, a Nordic, chillout feel and you can give a touch of sophistication and elegance buy adding these types of fabrics.

-Would you place any prohibitions in interior design?

I wouldn’t place any prohibitions; you should never put limits but personally I stay away from very dark colours. I’m sure I would never paint a bedroom or living room in black for example.

-For you, is not following the trends boring or transgressive?

Depends on the person. You can not follow the trends and be very transgressive, for example, if you have a lot of personality and style. Or you can not follow the trends and be boring. So, I don’t think there is a single answer to that.

-3 tips from Patricia Bustos to achieve harmony in the home?

Neutral colours as a base with touches of strong colour, natural materials and fabrics, such as linen or velvet.

-Natural or acquired talent?

I believe in both. I think you need to have some natural talent because, in the end, what you love or feel passionate about is what you do best. I think that if you are born with this, you’re ahead of the game. But it’s also a question of learning and hard work. If you don’t put in the effort it’s difficult to make it a career.

-What was the project that started it all and what was your most exciting challenge in interior design?

The project that started it all was my parent’s house in Galicia. I wasn’t an interior designer yet; I worked in fashion but I was always interested and they asked for my advice. I ended up doing all the interiors with them and all the landscaping, which I love.

The most important project of my career is the one I’m doing now. It’s a very big co-working building that has all kinds of services, including a restaurant and a gym. It’s my most ambitious project to date.

-You have worked with Hisbalit on many occasions. Why mosaic tiles? What sensations do they transmit?

I find mosaic tiles to be very versatile. You can do a lot of different designs. They also provide texture to the space, which is very important in my projects. The range of colours that Hisbalit offers is very similar to the pallet I use in my projects and really fits well with my style.

-You are familiar with Hisbalit’s Art Factory service for the creation of personalised designs in mosaic tiles. What does this offer to your projects?

With the Art Factory service, you can create personalised designs for any kind of space. For example, for a porch, to create a carpet effect on the floor, or for a bathroom to add some fun motifs. We’re used to seeing the typical tiles in a neutral beige colour and mosaic tiles can add something really different and creative!

Using mosaic tiles in the kitchen, as I did with the Casa Décor project, adds a lot of colour and texture. It’s also very simple and easy to clean. I think they have it all. The truth is I’m in love with Hisbalit mosaic tiles.

The fact that the tiles are so thin, or that you can put them on an existing floor, with some preparation first, are some of the main advantages. The tiles are also really clean and easy to install. In one day you can do the whole installation. They really have a lot of advantages, all the benefits.

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