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Estudio Nómada

by Elena Abascal
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Estudio Nómada

Estudio Nómada is the architectural and located in Santiago de Compostela is focussed on architectural projects with a special emphasis on the details and a strong orientation towards interior design, seeking a unitary concept in all their projects.

This aspiration to take on all aspects of the process differentiates this team by exploring new disciplines outside the traditional scope of the profession such as furniture, graphic and industrial design, etc. but always applying the same rigorous work process as with architectural projects. The Studio is headed by the architect José Antonio Vázquez Martín.


What are the values of Estudio Nómada?

Fundamentally, the capacity to engage on a range of different scales and different fields. Our work almost always surpasses strictly architectural parameters and we generally enter adjacent disciplines, such as décor, furniture, graphic and industrial design, although always applying the same work methods used in architecture.

Regardless of the scale of the project, these always have a strong focus on details, with an enquiring and itinerant attitude. Hence the name of our studio.

Estudio Nómada

If you could choose one material, What would it be and why?

Wood. For many reasons. Firstly, because it offers infinite creative possibilities. It is easy to work and to achieve the desired results. We also love its great variety and sensorial characteristics: its feel, its smell… Our projects always have a high proportion of customised furniture designed specifically for the space. We feel most confident working with wood.

What do you see as the advantages of mosaic tiles over other materials?

Versatility. Mosaic tile is a very interesting material because of the creative possibilities it has to offer. The range of formats, colours and even finishes make it ideal for surfaces, with endless aesthetic possibilities that are unique and exclusive.

I would also add its technical characteristics, and its availability pre-installed, this facilitates installation and guarantees the highest quality of execution.

Estudio Nómada

What role does inspiration play in the design and creation of your projects?

A great deal of inspiration is subconscious and we absorb it in daily life. Travel, the streets, history, cinema… these are all tremendous sources of inspiration that give us many of the keys to find new solutions and to stimulate our creativity.

The most ambitious project, the most emblematic project, the most inspired project…

We cannot say that any of our projects were more ambitious than others. Our attitude, when approaching a project is always the same, regardless of its size or “importance”. In general, we feel more comfortable on a smaller scale, in the details, and so, at times, our greatest ambitions are more modest projects.
Without a doubt, our most emblematic project is A Cantina de la Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela, which won the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards of 2012 for the best restaurant design in the world. For the moment, that is our most iconic project.
The most inspirational project was the shoe store Delfín 1953. We took on a project for a small locale that hadn’t been renovated in 60 years and which was the family business of our client. For them the intervention was an emotional challenge. A lot of feeling went into the project, listening to the heart more than the head.

Estudio Nómada

What is style for you?

Style is what gives coherence to any professional or artistic work… what identifies and differentiates. It is less about superficialities and more about a way of approaching the work, regardless of the conditions or the solutions. It’s more about the process than the results.

Estudio Nómada

From your point of view, where is interior design going? Forms, spaces, materials…

It is difficult to make predictions but it seems that there will be a great deal of influence from new technologies, ecology, economics, globalisation and the accessibility of information. However, there is no doubt that future spaces will be more human, practical, comfortable and sustainable.

If you had to define your style in terms of gastronomy, what would it be?

Well, we like food made with quality ingredients, with substance and without fanfare.


Estudio Nómada worked with Hisbalit for the renovation of PILI CARRERA outlets. What did Hisbalit mosaic tiles contribute to this project?

Fundamentally, versatility. It was very important that the material was not too thick, allowing us in many outlets to use the existing floor as a base to install the tiles, saving time and money. We could also use it in areas where we needed both millimetric thickness and very high durability for high-traffic areas. It’s a very versatile material, not only in terms of construction but also aesthetically. The possibility to create different tile patterns for each space, using the same colours, really stimulated our creativity and allowed us to make each outlet unique while maintaining the same corporate image throughout.

Contemporary design house fully integrated in its surroundings by the use of local materials and by deploying its volume in three semi-buried levels, mimicking nearby vineyards.

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