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Botania and LADON GRILL, both with Hisbalit Art Factory floor, finalists for the “Restaurant and Bar Design Awards”

by Elena Abascal
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Searching out the latest trends! At Hisbalit we’re taking advantage of the summer to visit the restaurants and bars with the best design in Europe. We’re making stops in Madrid and Tenerife to check out two design project finalists in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. Specifically, these projects are the Botania restaurant, by the interior design studio Proyecto Singular, and LADON GRILL, designed by estudi{H}ac both with a customised floor by Hisbalit.

The Botania Restaurant in Madrid has won two nominations within these prestigious international design awards: it is a finalist for “Best European Restaurant” and for “Best Biophilic Design”. For its part, the LADON GRILL has been nominated in the category of Best European Bar

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

This is the eleventh edition of one of the most prestigious interior design competitions in Europe, recognising the best restaurants, bars, cafeterias and food trucks around the world. In the 2019 edition, some 276 projects were selected in 43 different categories. The winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony held on October 3rd at King’s Cross in London.

Botania, an oasis of tranquillity

Nature in its most tropical jungle form is the hallmark of Botania, the new restaurant of the Larrumba Group, located in the Hotel VP Plaza España Design in Madrid. Plants and leaves take centre stage in this restaurant, both naturally and evoked in any number of textures, colours and forms.

Proyecto Singular, commissioned with the interior design of the restaurant, draws clients into a warm and natural environment with a decidedly tropical feel. Far from the noise of the city, diners can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in a jungle setting, without leaving the city!

An oasis of tranquillity, carefully lighted to create a lovingly natural and romantic ambience. Greens and earth tones, a leafy ceiling, raffia lamps, rattan chairs, rare woods, custom designs… This is the latest in Eco-Chic… with painstakingly attention to every detail.

Designer floors from Hisbalit’s Art Factory

In the bathroom the floor is the true protagonist with a striking design by Proyecto Singular using ecological mosaic tiles from Hisbalit in round format. The designers looked to Hisbalit’s Art Factory service to turn their ideas into reality, including the word ENJOY in green and blue tiles. This is a “custom” floor in glass mosaic tiles that adds a distinctive touch to the bathroom décor and along with wood and rattan elements create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

LADON GRILL, a legendary atmosphere

At the heart of the new Bahía Príncipe de Tenerife Hotel, from the Piñero Group, we discover the restaurant-bar “LADON GRILL”. The estudi{H}ac design studio from Valencia drew inspiration from Greek mythology.

LADON, is the fearsome dragon with one hundred heads that guards this paradise along with the Hesperides Nymphs who tend the garden. For the studio this was a captivating story and through which the “Thousand Year Old Dragon” became the basis of the project. The idea allowed the 660 m2 of the restaurant to be divided into various areas, each with different textures, sensations and colours, each a different part of the legend, creating a dreamy atmosphere of fun and fantasy.

To achieve this effect, the chromatic pallet of the designers is dominated by ash tones, with touches of green, red and earthy tones. The walls and floors are of volcanic stone, with copper structures and black ceramic in the form of scales and the image of a dragon skin to create a cool, subdued atmosphere in the lobby.

The dragon’s fire is represented by the large open kitchen grill with the colour red as its heart.

Terrace from Hisbalit’s Art Factory

Photo: Adrián Mora Morato

The arts and architecture of Tenerife are reflected in the terrace, framed by a system of latticework. The biggest surprise of the exteriors is the designer floor created using ecological glass mosaic tiles from Hisbalit.

The “custom” design was made possible through Hisbalit’s Art Factory personalisation service, creating the image of a vast beach of black sand, typical of the island. The design also includes the name of the restaurant “LADON GRILL” together with subtle flower patterns that add a touch of fun to the exterior. The designers chose hexagonal black and white tesserae from Hisbalit’s Unicolor collection.

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