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Back to our bars and restaurants!

by Elena Abascal
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Hermanos Vinagre| Project : Cristina Carulla Studio | Phto: Carlos González

After months of posting the “Closed” sign, the doors are opening again. If you travel around Spain this summer, don’t miss our selection of favourite bars and restaurants with some stunning interiors!  


Calle Inés Diego de Noval, 78, 39012 Santander

This is a paradise for lovers of craft beer, with a huge selection of beverages from the north of Spain. This diaphanous space is a fusion of styles, celebrating the importance of craftsmanship, such as the floor of the dining area created by  Zooco Estudio,, commissioned with the project, using the personalisation service of Art Factory Hisbalit. A handcrafted work entirely “Made in Spain”. The bathrooms of the bar are also surfaced in customised designs of Hisbalit mosaic tile.


Av. de la Sta. Cruz, 32, 39100. Santa Cruz de Bezana, Cantabria

This restaurant with a fresh, vibrant atmosphere inspired in nature with vivid colours was renovated by the Aedificare. design studio. A new concept with natural wood, rattan, metal ad ecological glass mosaic tiles. Thanks to the versatility of this material, the furnishings were custom designed with mosaic tile including the bar and fireplace.


Av. Portugal, 94, 09400 Aranda de Duero, Burgos

The bar area of the El Pescatero restaurant, in Aranda de Duero, was designed in an inspired eclectic style by Estepa Interiorismo ; a combination of vintage touches, industrial traces and tropical details. For the floor, the designers chose a material with personality, the DOTS model from the Art Factory collection. A carefully crafted black and white design that is a perfect complement to the rest of the materials.


Calle Pico del Nevero 4, 28224, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

Daring, different and surprising. This restaurant will remain in the memory of everyone who visits thanks to an atmosphere that is cheeky and playful while elegant and welcoming. The hallmark of the restaurant is the terrarium table at the entrance, framed by a spectacular floor by Art Factory Hisbalit in pink, green and white, created by  Dorotea Estudio.


Paseo de la Castellana, 128, 28046. Madrid

Clean lines and metallic touches. The design studio Madrid In Love designed the new restaurant 80 Grados Castellana. A gastro-restaurant specialising in low temperature cuisine, a method which highlights the natural flavours of the ingredients.

The interior décor is a sign of the essence of this restaurant, high quality, neutral tones with a touch of gold, including our Urban Chic 716 mosaic tile used for the main walls, creating a coolly glamourous and suggestive ambience.


C/ Camino de la Zarzuela 23, 28023, Aravaca. Madrid

This is one of the hippest maxi-beer bars in Aravaca, Madrid, designed by Proyecto Singular. The essence is to be found in the main bar and the flooring, with a black and white floral design created a la carte by Art Factory Hisbalit. With stark contrasts and symmetries, the floor flows perfectly with the wooden furnishings and the industrial style of the locale.


Plaza de Tirso de Molina, 5, 28012. Madrid

Part of Grupo La Fábrica, El 5 de Tirso, recalls the essence of the traditional taverns of Madrid. Located in one of the most traditional, “castizo” areas of Madrid, every corner invites you to linger and enjoy good conversation while sampling the traditional fare on offer. The interior design, the work of Persevera Producciones, congers up an old-world feel with fresh, modern materials. One of the gems of the locale is the designer floor, with striking geometric motifs,  custom designed using the personalisation service by Art Factory Hisbalit.


Passatge de Pere Calders, 2 (548,45 km) 08015. Barcelona

A new concept of restaurant with a more open design created by  Julia Brunet and El Equipo Creativo.  The décor is a striking  contrast of  opposing designs with a fusion of colours and a black and white floor. This a la carte design was created using the Hisbalit’s Art Factory personalisation service.  


Travessera de Gràcia, 44, 46, 08021. Barcelona

This seafood restaurant is a landmark of haute cuisine with an old-fashioned feel. The décor recreates a ship’s cabin with vintage furnishings and a retro floor using the Hexagonos model from the Art Factory Hisbalit with customised colours in different tones of black and white.  


Calle Tales de Mileto, 189I, 29603. Marbella, Málaga

The surprises begin at the entrance at the Sacay Beach Bar. The wild, striking designer floor created using the Art Factory personalisation service from Hisbalit welcomes us into this fresh, sophisticated and green-toned locale, renovated by Inhabitat Architects. 

The studio looked to Hisbalit’s personalisation service to create a “customised” floor, deciding on hexagonal tesserae in turquoise (Unicolor 127) and white (Unicolor 103) to create an exquisite floor with the name of the bar in tile.

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