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4 stunning pools: The best dips of the summer!

by Elena Abascal
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Hotel Pueblo Astur

Photo: Hotel Pueblo Astur

August is the month for rest and relaxation, enjoying the warmth, hours unwinding at the beach and fun moments at the pool. But we never stop, not even in summer! That’s why we are taking a journey around the world to find the best pools, and not just for a swim! We’ve discovered the most inspiring pools, surfaced with Hisbalit mosaic tiles, where you want time to stand still!

Bold and refreshing, designer swimming pools with incredible views, the latest innovations and award-winning designs… which to you prefer?

Between heaven and earth: A heavenly swim!


Hotel Iberostar Bahía de Palma

Photo: Hotel Iberostar Bahía de Palma

We begin our tour in the Balearic Islands, at the Iberostar Bahía de Palma Hotel in Mallorca, discovering the new pool that floats between heaven and earth. Surfaced with Hisbalit’s Pas mosaic tiles, this pool is amazing and not only for its turquoise water!

The pool is suspended in the air, with a totally transparent walls and basin, giving spectacular views from all angles! Did someone say `vertigo`?

The perfect pool: not only for summer!

Vazquez i benages

Photo Vazquez i benages

From Mallorca we travel to Barcelona to witness the latest in swimming pool design and innovation. Architects Vázquez i Benages have designed this heated pool with a large telescopic cover as the perfect solution for year round enjoyment. This pool beckons you to take swim even on cold, wet days and enjoy the best views of the garden. An incredible experience!

The architects were looking for a durable surfacing material and selected Hisbalit’s Aral mosaic tile from the Niebla Pool collection, with a light blue colour that gives the water a refreshing and inviting appearance.

Connected to nature

Pool Jane&Font

Photo: Jane&Font

We remain in Cataluña, specifically in Begur, Gerona, where we’ll take a plunge in a private pool “connected to nature”.

The architects Jané & Font worked with the volumes and geometries to produce a home and pool that is totally integrated into the natural landscape. They played with rectangles, simple lines and exact proportions to achieve a harmonious balance centred on the pool.

Surfaced with Hisbalit’s Stone 563 mosaic tiles, the pool is fused with the sky; the grey tiles produce a mirror effect, reflecting the sky in the sunlit pool.

Perfect integration into the landscape

Apex Pools and Spas

Photo: Apex Pools and Spas

We wanted this to be an international journey and from Spain we fly hours and hours to reach Melbourne, Australia! Why? We want to take our final dip in a pool, surfaced with Hisbalit’s mosaic tiles, winner of the “Awards of Excellence 2018” from the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria (SPASA).

The pool, designed by Apex Pools and Spas and surfaced using Hisbalit’s Aqualuxe Ibiza mosaic tiles won the Gold Award for the “Best Pool and Landscape Combination” and also a special mention for “Best Landscape Design”.

No doubt, the choice of Hisbalit’s Ibiza mosaic tiles for the basin and exterior of the pool gives a sophisticated and elegant effect, in perfect harmony with the wood surfaces of the outdoor area.

These white mosaic tiles are very special; the white tesserae are mixed with others having an iridescent finish achieving a unique effect. Additionally, with the sunlight, these tiles change colour giving subtle reflections of greens, pinks, etc. A spectacular finish. The white of the tile also softens the colour of the water for an appealing, inviting and refreshing effect.

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