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W Punta de Mita Hotel, México

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W Punta de Mita Hotel, México ¡The fusion of European and indigenous culture!

The project was developed by ASET / AOMA, in collaboration with the Oakland-based design firm Mister Important Design and the award-winning design studio Starwood.

The Hotel W Punta de Mita takes its inspiration from the local bohemian surf culture, prevalent throughout the area. During construction, special measures were taken to preserve the natural environment of the site. Many of these natural elements were incorporated into the design of the hotel, including the reuse of natural spring water in the spa area.

Unique features were incorporated into the hotel, including symbols of the Huichol, the indigenous people of Nayarit, filling every corner with an air of history and spirituality. The fusion of European and indigenous cultures gives life to the entire hotel. The complex includes a selection of 119 elegantly designed villas and suites, all with balconies or private patios and floors of handcrafted Mexican mosaic tiles. The headboards are made of surfboards or perforated tin panels created by local artists.

Within the property there are four graffiti art installations by the Mexican artist Nacho Bernal, each representing different parts of the hotel and the surrounding of Punta de Mita.

Hisbalit in this project

Hisbalit plays a leading role in this project, reflected in the “Camino Huichol” produced thanks to its exclusive personalised Art Factory service.

This walkway is a mosaic of green, white, yellow and blue tiles with an anti-slip finish, extending for140 metres, guiding guests through the hotel: the lobby, lounge area, pool and bar offering incredible vistas over the beach and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

The lounge area is distributed around a rectangular bar, illuminated by almost 500 LED lights suspended from above. Handcrafted bead motives hang above small tables where guests can enjoy exclusive cocktails created by W while listening to the session of the resident DJ.

Away Spa

The design of the AWAY Spa continues the motif of the lounge area with flowerdecorated hanging lamps evoking the colours of a Mexican sunset. The wood floor is artfully cut to protect the roots of the surrounding fig trees.

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