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VITAMINA HOME “A minimalist home with a positive vibe”

by Elena Abascal
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Culmia Space | Virginia Gasch | Nº 42 | 5th floor

Paloma Pacheco Turnes

Hisbalit’s new RAW collection is also present in Vitamina Home, the Culmia space at Casa Decor 2022, designed by VG LIVING. A home that understands and reflects you, an oasis of peace, a refuge and place of healing. Inviting discovery, travel, sensation and experimentation. To bring our emotions to life.

A dreamy yet functional space created by Virginia Gasch for Culmia, with a dual vision: the home as our place of happiness, surrounded by all that we need. “The pandemic has made our home the top priority. We have learned the importance of a home to provide balance and equilibrium, a place of refuge and healing, helping us to live better”, notes Gasch.

Flowing and organic forms are in line with the times, and are the hallmarks of Vitamina Home, a natural space, free of dissonances and filled with colour and personality.

The chromatic range reflects the colours associated with the natural world, earth and vegetation with terracotta and green tones. According to the designer, this is “one of the design and décor trends for 2022 and 2023 will be Nature as muse. A warm minimalism with natural spaces and atmospheres and a spirit of environmentalism and responsibility”.

Paloma Pacheco Turnes

Virginia Gasch chose ecological materials associated with the natural world, such as stone, cement and the new Raw mosaic tile from Hisbalit.

The designer selected three references ( Yute, Tierra and Yeso) to create three innovative designs.

Hisbalit’s YUTE model was used to surface the curved bathroom walls of Vitamina Home.

Hisbalit’s TIERRA model was used to create a natural wall in the kitchen. The splashback with a handcrafted aesthetic in terracotta tones gives this emotional home a warm, welcoming character.

The designer used the YESO reference for the back of the curved, built-in shelves with an artisanal feel.
An original design feature with a prominent arch is added to the latest trend that is lighting up social media:
“shelfie décor”. Artistically designed shelves that are true sources of inspiration.

Virginia also added to the composition a number of traditional pieces in artisanal, handcrafted materials.

Photos: Paloma Pacheco Turnes and Nacho Uribesalazar | Casa Decor 2022

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