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VIOLET BLISS “An unusual suite to stimulate the senses”

by Elena Abascal
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An explosion of violet, a combination of sensuality and spirituality, of the masculine and the feminine… This is what Nayra Iglesias from In Out Studio wanted to reflect in “Violet Bliss”, an unusual hotel suite.

Personalised designs, three dimensional surfaces on the walls and careful lighting are combined to stimulate the senses in this unique project created for the Marbella Design Fair 2019 to be held at the Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones of the city from July 4th to 15th.

Violet Bliss is a respite, a breath of fresh air, a stimulating yet comfortable concept designed to be enjoyed.

Violet, no other colour combines such contrasting qualities

Its creator, Nayra Iglesias shunned traditional hotel conventions and explored the use of an unconventional colour with “marvellous properties”.

The designer chose Hisbalit mosaic tiles to play the leading role in the hotel suite “Violet Bliss”, a room reflecting contradictory meanings through colour.

No other colour combines such contrasting qualities as violet. It is a unique combination of both masculine and feminine (blue and red), spirituality and sensuality.

Personalised mix

This vibrant space of 30m2 is divided into two zones: the bedroom and bathroom with a striking floor in mosaic tiles in gradation.

A personalised mix (Open Mix), a “customised” creation by the designer using our mix configurator combining the references Unicolor 309 (violet), Unicolor 251 (purple), Urban Chic 704 (sliver) and Urban Chic 504 (white).

The sink unit was surfaced with another mix (Open Mix) using our mosaic tile Unicolor 309 (violet), Unicolor 251 (purple) and Urban Chic 704 (silver) while the wall incorporates an Art Factory design using the same references used on the floor.

Photos:  Gonzalo Botet

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