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TIMELESS “A tribute to antique beauty”

by Elena Abascal
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In this suite the past and present are woven together into a harmony of craft and the avant garde. Sandra Amate drew inspiration from those spaces that have more than one life, those with secret treasures hidden within walls, ceilings and floors.

The designer not only recovered but also enhanced this value, and updating it for a more contemporary style of life. TIMELESS is an evocative suite by the interior designer for the Marbella Design Fair 2019.

Natural materials

Sandra Amate has designed a suite where natural materials take the leading role; stone, wood, leather or silk, radiating a sense of comfort and wellbeing.

Textures, colours, rich furnishings, works of art, thoughtful lighting and personalised designs invite the guest to explore every corner of this enigmatic room, enjoying an elegant and inviting experience.

Customised Art Factory design

For this space the interior designer Sandra Amate looked to Hisbalit’s unique Art Factory personalisation service to produce the fretwork design for the bathroom floor and the striking carpet effect in the bedroom.

To create the pattern with mosaic tiles the artist played with geometric patterns combining 3 references from different collections: 101 Interlocked from the Aniversario collection (black), Unicolor 220 (dark green) and Urban Chic 501 (copper).

On the floor of TIMELESS, recycled glass mosaic tiles from Hisbalit are combined with limestone. The walls are finished with a harmonious combination of natural pigments, earth tones and liquid metals to create a compelling look and feel that will leave no one indifferent.

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