by Elena Abascal
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Located very close to Madrid’s Atocha station is Sleep‘n Atocha, a hotel that perfectly expresses the vibrant spirit of the city. Las 2 Mercedes, the design studio commissioned with the project, defines it as “an 80-room hotel aimed at a young clientele with fun, flexible décor adapted to the lifestyle of the guests, always with a cheerful, informal atmosphere”.

This BoHo oasis of colour is the outcome of the renovation of the Hostal Buelta dating back to 1950. The architect Mariana de Delás, worked to reconfigure the hotel, originally a labyrinth of hallways, to provide each room with a private bathroom.

The location is unbeatable: located in the heart of Madrid’s Golden Triangle of Art, receiving countless visitors from around the world. Comfort, modernity and the optimisation of space were the principal goals of the team of architects.

Imagination through Hisbalit mosaic tiles

Hisbalit’s ecological mosaic tiles were the material  of choice for bathroom surfaces. The tiles provide the air of freshness the designers from Las 2 Mercedes were looking for.

Décor in common areas

The entrance and reception area of the hotel opens to the street through large picture windows. The colour white and wood define the space. On one wall is a very original decoration of antique telephones painted white and monkey-shaped lamps, each in different positions. The ground floor is divided into different common areas, perfect to relax, enjoy a refreshment, watch a film or read a book. This is a multi-purpose space, open but separated into different areas: reception, bar and lounge that are differentiated to perfection.

The public bathroom, decorated in Hisbalit mosaic tiles, also has unique details such as the porcelain head of a deer. For the bathroom surfaces the designers chose Hisbalit’s UNICOLOR collection, in square format, references 115 (green) and 320 (blue). These colours were carefully chosen as the signature colour pallet of the hotel.

Functional, minimalist rooms

The different rooms maintain a functional, minimalist style based on the warmth of wood, the purity of white and technological cool. Each element was strategically selected and positioned with nothing extra and nothing lacking. To take maximum advantage of the space,  and give a feeling of amplitude, the bathrooms are open to the room, with wet areas enclosed.

Oak headboards, linoleum floors, iron interior doors, smart A/C controls, LED lighting, Rainshower system… A combination of materials creating clean, diaphanous spaces with explosions of vibrant colours on both walls and floors.

Explosion of colour in bathrooms

Each floor has a distinctive colour combination. Blue floors give a striking contrast to orange walls in mosaic tile or purple floors combined with yellow and green bathrooms. The designs are all different, in some bathrooms the tiles are only on the wall while in other the floors are also tiled.

Green commitment

Sleep ‘n Atocha is committed to the environment with their “Green’n” policy, a social responsibility policy focussed on three main areas: environment, people and society for the responsible management of the business in benefit of the environment and the community. The hotel works with the Reforesta NGO, to raise environmental awareness among  employees and to offset their carbon footprint through tree planting campaigns and waste collection initiatives. Thus, the project is a perfect fit for Hisbalit’s eco-friendly mosaic tiles and its environmental policy working towards zero-waste and zero-emissions.

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