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Peyote San: how to go to Mexico and Japan in just one day

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Proyecto Singular | Peyote San

Peyote San

Hisbalit collaborated with the architecture and interior design firm Proyecto Singular in one of their latest projects, the Peyote San restaurant, located in the Las Salesas area of Madrid. Hisbalit was tasked with bringing colour and personality to the floor design of this very special restaurant.

Peyote San

A unique and exciting space

The project originated with the idea of creating a unique and exciting space. The specific needs of the space were carefully considered to achieve the desired result: to provide diners with a 360º gastronomical experience.

The restaurant’s menu is an intriging and flavourful fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisine. And if the food at Peyote San is setting a trend then so is the décor, inspired by this unique fusion of apparent opposites with strikingly exotic and daring results.

Peyote San

Thanks to its large windows giving onto the street, the space enjoys a great deal of natural light. The restaurant is divided into various spaces: a long bar to enjoy outstanding signature cocktails with facing tables; a raised dining room framed by Japanese style prints and illustrations; and a covered terrace presided over by a large round table.

Peyote San

The marriage of these two cultures is evident everywhere you look, with intense colours and a touch of wood, metal and leather: for an urban cool, industrial, street style.

Peyote San

The walls and floors have a chromatic continuity thanks to the grey and yellow tones used on both surfaces, helping to unify the entire space. Hisbalit mosaic tiles in yellow (Unicolor 302) in a high gloss round format add a vibrant and luminous touch, in vivid counterpoint to the fully matte square tiles in grey (Stone 564). Additionally, these two formats together create an attractive geometric interplay, reinforcing the restaurant’s spirit of fusion where seemingly impossible combinations come together in a surprising and perfect tandem.

Peyote San

In this case, Hisbalit has participated in a fun and free-spirited project, bursting with life and personality, once again demonstrating the versatility of the product.

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