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Paniclub, a classic ‘chiringuito’ bar with a retro aesthetic

by Elena Abascal
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Joy, colour and that relaxed, laidback feeling of endless summer, with the sound of the waves in the background. We present the Paniclub, a café-restaurant at the Playa de las Américas, in the south of Tenerife, designed by BN Arquitectos.An innovative space with the look and feel of a ‘chiringuito’ beach bar from the 1920’s and 1950’s.

A space with an original and tasteful modern aesthetic that transports clients to another era. Disconnect from the present and enjoy a welcoming and nostalgic atmosphere.

The façade of the café, slightly set back from the pavement, has the look of a theatre or movie scenario with touches of cinematic style. The fine and sophisticated carpentry work blurs the separation between indoors and outdoors, opening to create an inviting sensation of continuity.

The colours of summer

One of the most characteristic aspects of Paniclub is the surfaces, with mosaic tile being the star.
BN Arquitectos chose Hisbalit tiles to surface the walls, booths, bar and cooler areas.

The colour palette is simple and attractive with brilliant primary colours creating a space filled with verve and vitality.

Hisbalit references:

The lighting was a fundamental part of the project, essential to giving the right image both by day and by night. During the daytime the lighting accentuates the vibrant colours while at night the neon signs and direct lighting evoke the cool aesthetic of hotels on Ocean Drive in Miami or Atlantic City.

Retro aesthetic

The retro aesthetic is reinforced by the use of mosaic tile and images of models in bathing suits by famous photographers such as Elena Iv-Skaya and Eszter Sara Cseh. All the furnishings were also custom designed to create a special nostalgic vibe recalling endless and easy summers at the beach bar.

The retro aesthetic is combined with all the functionality necessary to enjoy a meal or a cocktail. Paniclub is much more than a café-restaurant, it is a meeting point, a place of fun and comfort where you can enjoy a simple, delicious meal with that special holiday flavour.

Project by BN Arquitectos

Photos: Edu López (Estudio Lumina)

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