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“MARBELLA LUXURY SUITE” Neolith by José Lara

by Elena Abascal
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Award for Best Product Placement

Paloma Pacheco Turnes, FHE

Symmetry, sinuous forms, an interplay of light and shadow, imperfect textures and materials that connect with nature. These are the key features of the “Marbella Luxury Suite”, an inspiring luxury suite designed down to the last detail b José Lara Interiorismo for the NEOLITH space at Marbella Design 2022 .

With unique, personalised elements, the space exudes a stately and ordered elegance with a dash of risqué appeal.

The interior designer looked to Marbella as the main source of inspiration for the project. To create the sensation of free movement and flow, the suite is distributed over a rectangular space entered through an archway formed by a composition of floral patterns. The Project won the award for Best Product Placement.


Ode to the curve in mosaic tile

The entire space is bathed in a soothing, neutral chromatic palette with a powder finish.

Particularly striking is the designer floor in the bathroom-dressing room area. An ‘a la carte’ design in pink, vanilla and black, created by José Lara with the Art Factory Hisbalit personalisation service.

An attractive interplay of curves with a harmonious chromatic palette of pastel colours (pink and vanilla) elegantly matched with black.

Fraise and Vanille references from the Glacée Hisbalit collection and Unicolor 101 in black.

Art and design trends in mosaic tile

To produce this 19m2 designer floor the Hisbalit team manually installed over 32,900 tesserae 2.3×2.3cm in size.

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