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L’atelier, the patisserie-atelier meets haute couture

by Elena Abascal
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Ideo Arquitectura looked to Hisbalit, a leader in the design and manufacture of glass mosaic tiles, to provide a touch of sophistication to the bathrooms of L’atelier, a new project from the studio which combines the bustle of an atelier with the perfection of a boutique. This unique patisserie is located in the iconic Eixample district of Barcelona.

The locale, is a patisserie and an atelier and school, belonging to the renowned chef Eric Ortuño  and Ximena Pastor, who were looking to transform this empty 500m2 space into a strikingly innovative and avant garde space.   

The establishment recreates the aesthetics of a glass jewellery box, while maintaining the chaotic magic of an atelier where daring innovations take place using the very finest materials associated with the art world.

Enric Ortuño and Ximena Pastor wanted to reveal their creative universe, leaving nothing hidden. To achieve this, the designers left exposed the installations and imperfections of the locale. Semi-transparent panels cover the walls of the patisserie, imitating a glass jewellery case, making L’atelier a cool, elegant and captivating space, ideal for presenting their confectioneries as if they were precious jewels.

“Haute couture”  mosaic tiles

In line with this sophisticated vision, the predominant colour of the locale is ochre with touches of gold. These golden tones extend throughout the space, reaching the ceiling to disguise pipes and cables, and the bathroom area. The bathroom walls were surfaced with reference 501 from Hisbalit’s Urban Chic collection, an eco-friendly material made with recycled glass, in perfect harmony with the style of the space.

The expressivity of the mosaic tile with a metallic touch helps to create a daring dash of “haute couture”. Ideo Arquitectura managed to elevate the bathroom area to the level of a jewel, creating a striking boutique atmosphere.

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