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“Nature jewelry”

by Elena Abascal
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Photo: Nacho Uribesalazar | Casa Decor 2019

The 10th anniversary of Hisbalit at Casa Décor was an occasion filled with surprises. One of these was the special partnership with Bdelux for the space “Nature jewelry” by Estudio Diseño Absoluto.

Fresh and adventurous spirit

This is a warmly elegant and organic space inspired by the natural world exuding a fresh and adventurous spirit. The interiors include plants and a wooden latticework customised to the walls and floor, simulating the roots of a tree.

Photo: Nacho Uribesalazar | Casa Decor 2019


An air of luxury

In this naturalist hall, the designers decided to add a tone which gives an air of luxury but without losing the nobility of the warm inviting spaces. Thus, one of the surprising colours is gold, used to striking effect on the floor and one wall and combined with wood. To achieve this, the designers selected Hisbalit’s hexagonal tiles with a gold metallic finish produced by a special process from Bdelux.


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