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Home “Dolce Vita” | A renovation to enjoy a “slow” lifestyle

by Elena Abascal
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Natural and recycled materials, a strategic combination of colour and light… This home, renovated by Aedificare , is ideal to enjoy a true life DOLCE VITA. A relaxed lifestyle. Goodbye stress! You’ll feel your energy recharging when you get home.

The interior design studio Aedificare decided on a “slow deco” style for their renovation of this 45 m2 attic, located in the heart of Santander.

Originally a dark attic with little natural light, it is now a luminous dwelling full of comfort. The first step in the transformation was to take out the walls and ceilings to create a single, diaphanous space allowing an unobstructed flow of light.

To achieve greater visual amplitude, white was used as the principal colour on the pitched ceiling and beams, with a designer wall of glass to separate the attic into two zones: day (kitchen, living-dining room and balcony) and night (bedroom and bathroom).

The living-dining room is the principal room of the home and serves as a transit zone between the kitchen (open) and the bedroom and the balcony, a  strategic spot to receive light. One of the key features of this space is the restoration of the old beams, now painted white. The same colour was used for the floors, walls and the table and chairs of the dining area. The touch of colour is added by the cushions on the sofa and the picture. A wicker chair was also added to achieve a special harmonious balance.

The balcony, previously neglected, becomes the most relaxing space in the home. Simplicity and functionality. White tones, bamboo blinds  and a plant to reconnect with nature.  

A kitchen to raise your spirits!

Aedificare wanted the chromatic pattern to continue into the kitchen as well as the entrance. They wanted the first impression of the home to be positive and decided on bold furnishings in turquoise blue combined with a pink tile on the wall. An attractive palette to which a touch of green is added thanks to the figure of a cactus.

For the night zone, the décor is serene with neutral tones and natural textures. The centrepiece of the bedroom is the headboard, of wood and cork, and the wicker chair. Décor that is simple and harmonious.

A bucolic touch is added to the bedroom by lace curtains that separate the sleeping area from the dresser and bathroom, adding a feminine, romantic feel to the space.

Special surfacing for a  bathroom with character

The big chromatic surprise of the night zone is found in the bathroom where the walls are entirely covered in pink hued glass mosaic tiles by Hisbalit. This is a high quality product created with recycled glass and natural pigments which adds an eco-friendly touch to the décor.

Aedificare selected tiles from the Hisbalit’s CRISTAL collection. This was an older series, available from our outlet, that we have now recovered, ideal for filling any space with personality. In this bathroom, Aedificare has created a striking visual impact by combining pink with a vibrant tone of red, used for the sink unit and the circular mirror… An energetic chromatic duo!

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