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by Elena Abascal
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“Les Emotions D’ Eliz” by Home Avenue Designer, with a floor by Hisbalit, wins the “Best Décor” and “Most Photographed” categories

Hisbalit participated in the VII International Design and Architecture Salon, Expodeco Perú 2019, thanks to a collaboration with Eliz Cueva from Home Avenue Designer. The interior designer created an inspirational space that took the awards in the “Best Décor” and “Most Photographed” categories.

The stand formed part of an exhibition of thematic salons; exclusive spaces created by renowned professionals offering their vision of architecture and design and the latest trends in the sector.

Thus, the interior designer created “Les emotions D’Eliz”, a salon bursting with emotion creating an imaginary world filled with colour and light evoking the sensibility and sophistication of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Every corner suggests a new world to live in if we can allow our imagination and creativity free reign.

Art + Curves

The evocative colour, with a “retro” air is the key element of the design. The designer created an attractive palette dominated by pinks and celestial colours for the furnishings and walls with a strong black and white combination on the floor. 

Eliz also made delicate use of light, drawing arches emerging from the walls. An asymmetric interplay that gives a feeling of depth to the space.  

Art Factory Hisbalit

For the floor, there is a mosaic tile design inspired by the attractive curves of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The design, created using our Art Factory personalisation service, is a true work of art.

We love challenges! And it has been exciting to reinterpret in mosaic tiles such a creative concept where lines and curves are joined in harmony. The floor creates a playful scene and combines decorative elements with a glam spirit. A striking combination!

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