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“El Pescatero”, a restaurant brimming with character and personality

by Elena Abascal
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A boat, a tropical island on the horizon, a luxurious cabin and a canteen for refreshment. All have served as the inspiration in the design of the Amando Castro restaurant, or ‘El Pescatero’, as it is known among the locals in Aranda de Duero.

‘El Pescatero’ consists of different spaces designed to transport the diners to the high seas: from the bar area to the restaurant, the terrace to the VIP dining room.

Located in an industrial park, the restaurant is brimming with character and personality, with unique spaces that are pure modernity and diversity. There two characteristics also define the gastronomy of ‘El Pescatero’, serving an astonishing variety of the highest quality fish and seafood, the house speciality, of course. Also on offer is an ample selection of meat dishes and a highly popular daily menu.

Striking individual spaces that create a unique whole

The bar area has a strikingly eclectic and vibrant aesthetic. The use of iron and steel, combined with an antique wood finish, give an industrial touch enlivened by simple white tiles on the walls and a number of fresh tropical details.

To give a unique character to the space and greater visual impact, the design studio Estepa Proyectos, commissioned with the renovation of ‘El Pescatero’, selected the DOTS model mosaic tile from Hisbalit’s Art Factory collection for the floor. Hisbalit mosaic tiles are eco-friendly, manufactured using 100% high-quality recycled glass.

The DOTS model fits perfectly with a black and white design (references 103 and 101, respectively) in hexagonal tiles. An attractive and striking combination that, combined with other materials, gives an air of designer chic and a vintage touch to the space.

The main dining area of the restaurant has a maritime theme. Wood, blue colours are the two key elements to the design, giving the feeling of being on the deck of a ship. The white tiles brighten the room, giving a sensation of wide-open space. The wooden floor, wooden chairs, white tiles fit perfectly with maritime themed murals to create a unique and exclusive design.

The dining room gives onto an indoor terrace. The exuberant design of a tropical jungle is warm and inviting. The natural materials and the colour green set the tone for this vibrant design.

Marble is another featured material, adding to the design and giving visual uniformity and structure.

Upstairs, in the VIP dining room, dark wood panelling gives an air of spaciousness and sober elegance to the space. To contrast the formal lines and add a touch of freshness, various murals have been designed in situ with maritime themes. The central feature of the VIP room is a large x-shaped bench, upholstered in leather with iron features, presided over by four elegant, spherical chandeliers.

 PROJECT: Estepa Proyectos | PHOTOS: Kelly Hurd.

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