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Dreams Factory

by Elena Abascal
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A new concept of pool restaurant where dreams come true

Photo: Adrián Mora Morato

Freshness and a lot of colour! Welcome to a Dreams Factory! The new “pool restaurant” of the recently inaugurated Hotel Fantasía Bahía Principe of the Piñero Group in San Miguel, Tenerife. 

Designed by Estudi{H}ac, it represent a factory were dreams can come true. A magical space of some 600 square metres in which happiness and joy are palpable in the atmosphere.

The layout of this pool restaurant, far from traditional, is focussed on a central island. Here there is a funky sculpture of a magical “sombrero” loaded with positive energy! And there are surprises inside! Colourful stars and arrows leading on a fantasy pathway!

Photo: Adrián Mora Morato

This is framed by four columns in white and red, an enticing design recalling traditional candy canes but XXL size!

The central island is in the interior of the restaurant which includes the buffet area. A refreshing atmosphere in which clients can enjoy a veritable “feast of the senses” with food and fun as the main attractions.

An explosive terrace!

Photo: Adrián Mora Morato

The interior dining room opens onto a spectacular designer terrace that maintains the chromatic continuity of the restaurant. As a detail, it includes a mobile enclosure. A system of custom doorways reproduce the native vegetation of the island by means of a graphic image using  a metallic latticework.

The personalisation is not only at the door. In the exterior area the terrace is mesmerising!

Photo: Adrián Mora Morato

The most outstanding feature of the terrace is its spectacular floor design created with Hisbalit mosaic tiles. Estudi{H}ac relied on Hisbalit’s  Art Factory customisation service to create a “custom design” with hexagonal tesserae.

The magical mosaic tile floor begins in green (Unicolor 127) in the outdoor bar area, fusing into an attractive multicolour geometric motif with a zigzag design projecting a chromatic explosion of fun and enjoyment in the restaurant.

Photo: Adrián Mora Morato

To create this effect, in addition to Unicolor 127 (green), the designers chose Unicolor 103 (white), Unicolor 306 (grey), Unicolor 101 (black), Unicolor 302 (yellow) and Unicolor 176 (red), all with a B3 non-slip surface. An energising and refreshing combination!

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