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BLESS HOTEL MADRID | A jewel of interior design with exquisite surfaces by the hand of Lázaro Rosa-Violán

by Elena Abascal
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An ode to hedonistic luxury, reviving the classic style of the Barrio Salamanca with country touches

The renowned interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán has brought worldly pleasures to life in the new BLESS Hotel Madrid, a feast for all 5 senses. The exquisite building is an ode to hedonistic luxury and vintage Madrid of the 60’s and70’s.
This is a new concept for a hotel: “disruptive, historic and fun”, complete with a sophisticated and customised décor thanks to Hisbalit’s Art Factory personalisation service. The designers chose a totally personalised design for the mosaic tile floors in four different areas: the restaurant ETXEKO of Martín Berasategui, the Fetén Clandestine Bar, two bathroom of “premium” rooms and the terrace.

The new hotel, located in the heart of Barrio Salamanca, is the newly renovated classic Gran Hotel Velázquez. The renovation preserved the emblematic façade, spiral staircase and the cupola, maintaining the essence of the building.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán wanted to revive the classic style of the Barrio Salamanca, adding a few country touches. The emblematic building can easily be described as “stately”, but with avant garde touches and noble materials. The result is a unique and elegant fusion of styles, making the BLESS Hotel Madrid a jewel of interior design in the capital.

Cross stitch designs reinterpreted in mosaic tile

The restaurant Etxeko, meaning “homemade” in Basque, has a classic traditional Castilian style headed by chef Martín Berasategui, the only Spanish chef with 10 Michelin stars. Inspired by the traditional Madrid tavern the restaurant offers a fusion of the most authentic dishes from the North with the haute cuisine of the Capital.
This restaurant-bistro is a feast for all 5 senses: sight: the intense interplay of light; taste and smell: the creations of a prestigious chef; hearing: the ambient music in the restaurant; touch: the variety of materials used, such as velvet, wood and mosaic tile adding a touch of distinction to the floors of the restaurant.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán turned to Hisbalit’s Art Factory personalisation service to design escutcheons using mosaic tile in red, white and blue evoking the past with classic bordering in cross stich patterns. Elegant and splendid, the escutcheons add a touch of charm and distinction to the atmosphere.

A fun and mysterious clandestine bar

The BLESS Hotel Madrid has another space for gastronomy and entertainment, the Fetén Clandestine Bar. A fun and elegant bar that includes a cosmopolitan bowling alley.

This is an ideal place to have a cocktail or aperitif while owling a round in a mysterious and intriguing setting with Hisbalit’s luminous tile floor setting the tone.

The famed interior designer created a customised floor in mosaic tiles simulating a large carpet with a geometric motif. White tesserae provide the background to provide light while the black tiles create geometric lines. An exquisite floor adding movement, play and personality to the space.

The elegance of feeling at home!

The hotel has 111 rooms, including incredible suites with unique and welcoming styling down to the last detail.
A surprise awaits in two of the suite bathrooms. Sophisticated with a retro touch from the Mid-Century wooden furnishings and a mosaic tile designer floor. The studio chose hexagonal tiles from Hisbalit’s Art Factory collection with personalised colours with playful sensations.

Cheers to black & white!

Faithful to the personalised styling, the renowned interior designer chose a customised deign for the floor of the roof-top terrace with incredible views over the capital!
The interplay of black & white Hisbalit tesserae create an elegant geometric motif with the personal stamp of Lázaro Rosa- Violán. An essential spot for lovers of design.

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