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by Elena Abascal
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Raventós Arquitectura Space | Casa Decor 2023

Photo: Asier Rua | Casa Decor 2023

Andreína Raventós presented at Casa Decor 2023 a striking idea for a futuristic home in her AR18 space. An interstellar home that touches down and opens its doors to nature, inviting us to imagine our homes in the future given the incredible advances in technology.

Photo: Asier Rua | Casa Decor 2023

In 18 square metres, the designer created a home with everything necessary for quality living. With two central modules, the space offers a complete, interstellar home.

Photo: Asier Rua | Casa Decor 2023

Part of an ongoing reflection on forms of living in the future which began in the last edition of Casa Décor with the presentation of the ‘Modern Cave’: a similarly reduced space and a return to functional minimalism.

Photo: Asier Rua | Casa Decor 2023

The AR18 is furnished in the most avant garde style, incorporating the latest technologies and eco-friendly materials, such as this sintered stone countertop, recycled textiles, and a floor of recycled glass mosaic tiles.

Star reference

A customised surface created with the Star reference from Hisbalit’s Texturas collection. A new concept that opens the door to décor and design, highlighting movement and sensation within a static space. Gloss and matte finishes, smooth and rough surfaces, metallic colours, iridescent and pearlescent surfaces combined with blocks of white that highlight the fundamental concept: a striking mix of textures.

The new Lettering Hisbalit collection

The Star floor includes messages. Andreína Raventós used the new Lettering collection from Hisbalit (typography in mosaic tile) to render the name of the AR18 home of the future in hexagonal tesserae in black with metallic touches (Urban Chic 723), including a sign for the WC in this interstellar home.

Original signs and messages are also incorporated into the floor, guiding visitors through the space, using the image of a hanger for the closet area.

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