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by Elena Abascal
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The trends for interior design in hospitality will be for sensual materials and colours, connected to nature.

Private dining room of Kai La Caleta by In Out Studio, surfaced in round, Unicolor 101 mosaic tile from Hisbalit. Photo: Silvia Gil Roldán

We interviewed the renowned architect and interior designer Nayra Iglesias, director of In Out Studio, an expert in hospitality design, to get her views on the principal challenges facing the sector in these times. She foresees a trend towards the creation of flexible spaces, with natural materials and sensual colours providing clients with new, unique experiences.

“We will have to apply new health and safety measures but without losing our sense of humour or closeness. For this, design is key. We must optimise and improve all those aspects related to image and experience, revising the branding, designing new packaging and adapting indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s not a question of reproducing the same experience as before the pandemic but to take advantage of the change to offer clients new sensations in flexible spaces that can be changed over time”, notes Nayra Iglesias.

Personalised design by Estudi Hac for Dreams Factory Pool Restaurant | Art Factory Hisbalit

With regard to terraces, the architect explains that there are already some new ideas being considered, such as inflatable solutions. However, she looks to the idea of latticework and pivoting panels that can be used to separate spaces and which also serve as decorative elements integrated into the décor of the locale.  

Natural connection

El Sardinero restaurant, designed by Donaire Arquitectos and Persevera Producciones. Hexagonos tile flooring from Art Factory Hisbalit with custom colours.

The director of In Out Studio explains that we will want ecological materials and vivid colours, connected to the natural world; and she herself is very vibrant and sensorial. Psychologically, we need to reconnect with the world and clients will look for hotels and restaurants that invite them to dream, where they can relax and at the same time enjoy what they’ve been missing for so many months: the sea, the mountains and contact, even if only visually, with other people”, she adds.

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