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Hisbalit transforms Coca-Cola’s Spanish headquarters In hand with Stone Designs

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Coca-Cola’s Spanish headquarters

Sede de Coca-Cola España

Coca-Cola may be the most universally recognised and potent brands around the world. The core message of the company in its image and its actions is the concept of happiness.

Always attentive to the latest trends, the company commissioned Stone Designs to transform its Spanish headquarters. This represented an enormous challenge for the interior design studio; to transmit the values of energy and optimism while respecting the dynamic work model of the Coca-Cola Company.

Spaces  with character and personality

The result has been a series of spaces (reception, canteen and cafeteria) bursting with character and personality. Colours, forms, materials… all employed to create an effect that is both adventurous and familiar. The communal spaces, inspired in an open concept, give employees and visitors alike the feeling they are at home.

Additionally, as these are the headquarters of Coca-Cola Iberia, they had to reflect the social aspect of the Spanish character while having the adaptability to be converted into a work or meeting space when necessary. As we all know, the best ideas flow in a relaxed atmosphere over a coffee or aperitif!

Oficinas de Coca-Cola

The canteen has a welcoming feel, reflecting Coca-Cola’s philosophy that “happy employees give the best of themselves”. The space is the definition of versatility. This is not a place where all the tables are the same or lined up in rows. Stone Designs aimed to create a variety of spaces and atmospheres, because there are times when we are with a group of colleagues and others when we need to work quietly or have a private conversation.

Hisbalit in the project

On this occasion, the studio decided to work with Hisbalit mosaic tiles, given the broad range of colours and forms available. The hexagonal mosaic tile takes centre stage, selected from the Unicolor collection, specifically reference 103 A

Sede de Coca-Cola España

In designing the new floor of the reception area, Stone Designs decided to emphasise Coca-Cola’s corporate colours: red (reference 176F) and white (reference 103A), also from the Unicolor collection, as well as two other tones (references 306 and 106) from the same Unicolor collection. The execution of this design was made possible thanks to the exclusive Art Factory personalisation service from Hisbalit.

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